Viu presents a ten-episodic Korean school thriller series “Pyramid Game“. The story revolves around the students in a class of girls high school, where they play a game named Pyramid Game. The game is a voting system which is used to categorise students.

Whoever gets zero votes can be bullied by others. A new transferred student Sung Soo-Ji gets zero votes when she comes to the class and gets bullied. Later she tries to gather other students and stop the game is this drama about.

The last episode ended with the voting result where no students got into the F category. Baek Ha-Rin is very angry about this outcome. Her friends also got very low votes. Im Ye-Rim asks her friend if she is in love with her. I’m Ye-Rim’s friend says sorry to her for what she did. As Baek Ha-Rin entered the class Sung Soo-Ji started to behave very friendly with other students.

Sung Soo-Ji says, if nobody is in the F group why can’t everyone mingle and talk to each other. Baek Ha-Rin gets very frustrated. Her friends are on broke up stage with her. Baek Ha-Rin is behaving very rudely toward them.

Im Ye-Rim also join a team with Sung Soo-Ji and Myung Ja-Eun. She knows the guy in the supermarket is the brother of the girl who got bullied and left the school. He also knows her from the photos in his sister’s room. He asks if she was part of the bullying too. She says she was partially responsible too. They all plan to make Baek Ha-Rin an ordinary student.

The next day after the class Sung Soo-Ji tells Baek Ha-Rin to clean the class with others. Baek Ha-Rin’s friends shout at Sung Soo-Ji but Sung Soo-Ji says Im Ye-Rim is also A group but she also doing work so Baek Ha-Rin can work too. Baek Ha-Rin asks the game developer student to tell her who voted for whom. But that girl declined to share the info from the app because it was against her ethics.

Myung Ja-Eun invites Sung Soo-Ji to her house. Her house is a very old house. Sung Soo-Ji fixes Myung Ja-Eun’s kitchen pipes. Myung Ja-Eun says she will give a treat for this. Sung Soo-Ji asks for ramen to cook here. Myung Ja-Eun buy many varieties of ramen because she doesn’t know what Sung Soo-Ji likes. As they were eating Myung Ja-Eun got a message from Baek Ha-Rin to come outside.

Sung Soo-Ji asks when Myung Ja-Eun knows Baek Ha-Rin. Myung Ja-Eun says she knows her from elementary school. As she talks a flashback of a young age Baek Ha-Rin and Myung Ja-Eun show.

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Baek Ha-Rin uses her influence to transfer Sung Soo-Ji’s father so that Sung Soo-Ji also goes from school. When Sung Soo-Ji goes someone will be on F grade. Sung Soo-Ji gets to know Baek Ha-Rin’s influence over her father’s transfer. Everyone gathers for the Physical training class. Baek Ha-Rin and others plan for basketball throwing on students with lower groups. Sung Soo-Ji tricks them into involving everyone. When others start to attack low-group students Sung Soo-Ji plans for not throwing and the timer finishes.

Baek Ha-Rin calls Da Yeon’s father and tells her she crossed the line. Da Yeon gets a heavy beating from her father. Baek Ha-Rin blackmails Im Ye-Rim about telling about her debut to family which makes her unable debut. Baek Ha-Rin sends Sung Soo-Ji a message about the recording.

Baek Ha-Rin somehow knows about the recording. Baek Ha-Rin blackmails Sung Soo-Ji that she will make fake news about corruption done by Sung Soo-Ji’s father. Sung Soo-Ji understands she has a fear of Baek Ha-Rin. Sung Soo-Ji went to the supermarket and tried to delete the recordings. She clicks on something, we are not sure if it’s a delete or she changed the plan.

Overall the episode was thrilling. We had many moments of Sung Soo-Ji winning over Baek Ha-Rin. It was very engaging throughout the episode. What will happen to the records is a suspense for the next episode. We can’t predict what will Sung Soo-Ji do next. The ending was a cliffhanger one.



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