Pyramid Game Episode 5 Recap and Explained: Viu presents a Korean school thriller drama ‘Pyramid Game’ in ten episodes. The story revolves around a class of young teenage students in a school. The students bully other students who have low votes from a game. Pyramid game is a voting system using an app.

The newly transferred student tries to make the game stop forever with the help of other students. But things were more complicated when she got to know about the game and the masterminds behind it. She faces many hurdles while trying to get away from this game.

Episode 5 opens with Sung Soo-Ji talking with a girl in her class about the game. Suddenly Sung Soo-Ji and that girl’s message of a girl committing suicide by cutting her hand in the classroom. Everyone gathered there and tried to open the door, she was going to cut the veins. But they open the door save her. Sung Soo-Ji arrives at the class, everyone blames Sung Soo-Ji for this incident.

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They are saying it was because of Sung Soo-Ji’s blackmail, the girl was trying to kill herself. But Sung Soo-Ji understood this was all Baek Ha-Rin’s plan. Baek Ha-Rin did the same blackmail trick before.

Cut to the parents’ meeting, the teacher tells Sung Soo-Ji’s father that Sung Soo-Ji is also a victim of bullying in the school. Other teachers warn her but she tells it is true. When parents come to class they see the girl with blood on her hands. She blames Sung Soo-Ji as the reason. Sung Soo-Ji’s father believes she did that. Everyone gathers to decide the punishment for Sung Soo-Ji. Baek Ha-Rin invites parents to play the game. They all install the app and vote for the students.

In the end when the results came Sung Soo-Ji again came back to the F group with zero votes. Sung Soo-Ji’s father tells her to behave appropriately in school. Sung Soo-Ji tries to explain but he doesn’t hear anything from her.

Sung Soo-Ji and the supermarket guy planted a hidden camera inside the classroom. Apparently, the sister of the supermarket guy was also a victim of the pyramid game. Sung Soo-Ji plans for another way to break the pyramid game. Im Ye-Rim tells everyone that Baek Ha-Rin broke the rule of the pyramid game by showing it to the parents. So she also needs to get restricted from voting next time like Sung Soo-Ji got punished. But everyone got afraid because it was Baek Ha-Rin.

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So they do a paper voting about Baek Ha-Rin and 13 persons voted for punishing Baek Ha-Rin. Baek Ha-Rin gets angry at Sung Soo-Ji. Later gossip news about Im Ye-Rim came in the media with her photo inside the classroom. Her friend asks who leaked it. She slaps a girl who mocked Im Ye-Rim. Baek Ha-Rin says the photo is from inside the class so there might be a hidden camera there.

They found out the camera above the board. As everyone started to blame Sung Soo-Ji, the class teacher came to the room and said she put the camera there. The teacher took the blame for Sung Soo-Ji and got fired from her job. The other teachers mock her stupidity, but she says she is embarrassed to do this job when she can’t do anything to help the victims.

As the teacher goes Sung Soo-Ji talks to her, teacher and tells her there will be a time when she gets to retreat against all these. Everyone plays the next pyramid game except Sung Soo-Ji and Baek Ha-Rin. As the results came there was no one in the F group. Everyone was shocked seeing Baek Ha-Rin. Baek Ha-Rin lost in front of Sung Soo-Ji.

Everything went perfectly as planned by Sung Soo-Ji. Baek Ha-Rin again went to blackmail Myung Ja-Eun, but Sung Soo-Ji came there and too lost. The episode ended with Baek Ha-Rin’s angry walking to the classroom. Everyone looked at her seeing the fire inside her by getting lost in front of everyone.

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Overall the episode was a good one. The background score was really good in this episode. It made it more engaging and thrilling. There is hope for the next episodes for Sung Soo-Ji to win. This episode is just a start for the real plans to take over Baek Ha-Rin.



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