Niraj Suri Real Person, Image: If you are here it means you have Just finished the Netflix original show ‘Trial By Fire‘ which was released today on Netflix, and now you want to know about one of its crucial characters Played by Asish Satyarthi.

Yes, we are talking about the Character of Niraj Suri, we are going to tell you if this character is based on Real Person or Not.

If we go by each and every episode of the show, The show is based on Real Incidents and the almost all characters are Real in the show, We had already covered and told you about the Real Characters of Neelam Krishnamoorthy and Shekhar.

Now coming to the Character of Niraj Suri, who was Planted by the Ansal Brothers to Give a Bribe to the Victims family, Well there was No Complain files by anyone for Niraj Suri, so there is no official Record or Data of Niraj Suri on the internet or even in the Court Files.

The character may be based on the Real Person, But there is no evidence of any Real Image of the Person named Niraj Suri who is related to the Ansal Brothers.



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