Trial By Fire Netflix Review: Stories and Shows based on real-life incidents are the new trends nowadays and even audiences are loving them, Netflix is making these types of shows for a long time and the recently released show Trail By Fire falls under the same list, The show released on Netflix today and here goes the review of the show.

The series is having 7 episodes and all episodes are around 40-45 Minutes long, The show is available to watch in Hindi and some more dubbed versions along with English subtitles, The show is suitable to watch with Family and Kids. Let’s Jump to review.

The story of the show revolves around the true story of the Uphaar Cinema Fire Tragedy of 1997, Around 59 People were Killed in a Fire during the First Day show of Film Border, Neelam and Shekar, The father of one of the Victims of the tragedy decide to fight against the Powerful Ansal Brothers, will they able to get Justice or the case will become just another case in Judicial Files? To know this you need to watch the full show on Netflix.

The show is very much detailed and it shows the hard work of the team behind the research, Prashant Nair has done an amazing job as director and the writer of the show, He nailed it and he deserves the max for the show, The show looks pretty real and it will take you back in 1997, Those sequences were looking alive on the screen, The climax of the show is shocking and chilling, You will literally feel those people suffocating, Those sound, BGM, and everything were Top Notches.

Coming to the Performances, Abhay Deol was good in the show as Shekhar, He was intense and very much confident, Rajshree Deshpande is the star of the show for me, Again I will say, She was living into the character, Those sequences where she was watching the Fire Footage, where she was searching for Kids in Hospital or When she was gathering the pieces of evidence, every time she looks so pure and real and you can’t take eyes from her, You can feel the Pain of mother into her acting, She was brilliant and undoubtedly best in the series.

Trial By Fire

Asish Vidayrathi as Suri was also good to watch, He maintains that balance in his performance and the rest other actors like Abhishek Krishnan, Anupam Kher, Chetan Sharma, Rajesh Tailang, and others were Good enough to watch.

The only issue with the show is its length, The show starts well, Episode 1, 2, and 3 were To the Point and super fast, The screenplay was brilliant too, but after episode 3, the show starts getting slow and till the episode 6, it continues to be like this, Few sequences were not needed at all, The locations were super realistic and Music and BGM was good too.

I am going with 3.5 Out of 5 stars for the show, The show is Eye Opener for the ‘System’ better to say the Working of the Judicial, Administration, and other departments, The show will show you How someone’s negligence can cost 59 Lives and the sufferings of Victims family to get Justice.

Rating: 3.5/5



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