Neelam Krishnamoorthy Real Person, Image? | Uphaaar Cinema Case | Netflix

Netflix show Trial By Fire was released today at Midnight on Netflix, The show is about the Uphaar Cinema 1997 Fire Tragedy, The show mainly focuses on the Krishnamoorthy couple who fights for the Justice of the Victims.

We have already discussed Shekhar and now here we are going to tell you the info about Neelam Krishnamoorthy, Her Real Image, and where she is now.

The Character of Neelam in the show is based on the Character of Neelam Krishnamoorthy, the Wife of Shekhar Krishnamoorthy, Neelam has written the Book Trial By Fire on which the Netflix series is based.

Neelam is also the President of the Association of the Victims of Uphaar Tragedy and she is still working for the betterment of Schools, Hospitals, and other Public Places by Setting up Fire extinguishers on the Campus, You can also Check the Real image of Neelam Krishnamoorthy in our featured image.


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