Uber Trujillo – Griselda’s Son? Now, Real Image ? : Griselda is a biographical suspense crime thriller drama web series based on the real-life story of Griselda and this show is directed by Andres Baiz and is written by Ingrid Escajeda the show revolves around the lead character named Griselda and the plot moves when she moves to Miami with her three sons and she begins her journey of the drug cartel and more which we see in this show.

In this article, I am going to cover all the details about the character named Uber Trujillo who is one of the sons of Griselda and I cover all the details and where he is now, or is he died or not, and more details about what we see in this article.

In this show, we see that Uber Trujillo is one of the sons of Griselda Blanco, and his father is Carlos Trujillo when she moves with her children to Miami where he joins his mother’s business as a contractor with his mother and he begins his journey as the carter of the drug dealer.

According to some sources, we find that he is a real son of Griselda Blanco and he was born in 1971 where he joined the team with his brothers and began his journey with her mother, and in the encounter with the people where they kill him in the shoutout and he now dies.

In this show, Jose Velazquez plays the role of Uber Trujillo and we already see him in different popular movies and series that include The Prom, The Wilds and more.

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This is all the details about Uber Trujillo where I cover all the details in this article in depth whether he is in real life or not and let me know how much you like this show in the comment box.



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