Masters of the Universe Revolution Episode 4: “Masters Of The Universe: Revolution” is a recently released Mattel toys-inspired animated space adventure thriller action series currently streaming with 5 episodes on Netflix. The show is specially made for kids and is rated U/A, suitable for audiences above the age of 13. We have already posted a recap of all previous episodes. Now, let’s move towards Episode 4.

Episode 4 begins with Adam now in the jail of Hordak. He got caught, and Skeletek was enjoying that moment. Skeletek started telling Adam that he was Keldor and he was very angry right now because he didn’t get the throne that he deserved.

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He also brought Adam’s mother into the jail. Skeletek was planning and making something big. He created so many Titans. Teela was seeing everything from afar. Teela said all this is happening because of Hordak. Teela and Lyn were having a fight. Suddenly, Teela’s dad came to save her.

On the other side, Orko and Gwilor were working on the power of swords. But one enemy came, and they got scared. Adam’s mother regained consciousness. She started telling about power and courage to Adam.

Keldor’s spirit was controlling Skeletor. Skeletor said that Hordak gave him the birthright. Keldor said to Skeletor to pull Motherboard’s plug. Skeletor got a gift for Hordak. Suddenly, Skeletor started telling about Keldor, and Hordak came to know that Keldor’s spirit is here.

The present Skeletek got for Hordak in that Motherboard’s head was there. Skeletor has big plans in his mind. Hordak starts fighting with Skeletor. Adam was hearing everything, and suddenly Andra arrives and saves Adam and his mother. Andra asks for a promise from Adam that he will save everyone from Tekno Virus.

Orko was handling everything outside. Gwilor repaired the sword. On the other side, Skeletor and Hordak were having a fight. Keldor was remembering his past, how Hordak cheated him and killed him.

Skeletor felt weaker in front of Hordak. Adam’s mother arrived at the kingdom with Andra. Everyone in the kingdom got infected by Tekno Virus, and they were attacking their family and friends. Hordak taught so many things to Keldor in the past. Skeletor tried to kill Hordak with the help of magic, and he succeeded. He killed Hordak with magical powers.

Suddenly, Lyn came from behind, and she took the talisman of Skeletor. But Skeletor was feeling very powerful already, and he didn’t want that talisman anymore. Teela was saving the kingdom, but her powers were getting weak. Adam arrives and saves Teela. Adam was shocked to see the green avatar of Teela. She said that she did this for Adam’s father Randor.

Lyn came to meet Adam and Teela and told everyone that Skeletor is more powerful and dangerous now because he killed Hordak. Teela took the powers of Havoc from that talisman. Teela got evolved, and she was getting more powerful. She started reading the spell. She wasn’t able to handle so much power at the moment, and the Episode 4 ends.

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