Masters of the Universe Revolution Episode 2: “Masters of the Universe: Revolution” is streaming with 5 episodes on Netflix in the English language with English subtitles. This show is produced by Mattel Productions, and it is inspired by Mattel Toys. In the previous episode, we see Randor’s brother came, and he wanted the crown. Now, we will continue with the second episode.

Episode 2, “Ascension,” starts with the childhood of Randor and Keldor. Keldor finds some secret stash of his father. At that moment, Keldor came to know that he’s not the real son of his parents, and they were discussing about Randor to crown him in the next ceremony.

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All this story was narrated by Keldor to Adam. Keldor was telling that he was wounded, and he said his death will make things easier for Adam’s grandfather. For a long time, everyone thought Keldor is no more, but suddenly, he came.

One trouble came: Skeletor attacking them. Teela went to that dangerous place. Suddenly, one monster dragon appeared behind her. He was Lord Granamyr. Teela was talking to him, and they were discussing about the king. Granamyr felt bad when he came to know about the king’s demise. Teela was helping the king’s spirit.

On the other side, Skeletor was attacking the citizens of the town. He-Man came, and Keldor also came to help He-Man. Skeletor was attacking everyone, and whenever he attacked someone, they turned into Techno Titans. Skeletor was destroying everything, but He-Man was trying to beat him.

He-Man goes to Skeletor, suddenly he sees a child who turned into a Techno Titan. The child was crying. He-Man used his sword to help that child. They were killing the giant Techno Titan, but the upload failed at 99%, and he attacked again.

Keldor was trying his best to help them. The upload completes with the help of Keldor, and He-Man saved that child also. On the other side, Teela meets Evil Lyn. Teela came to know that Granamyr’s bad condition is because of Evil Lyn.

Granamyr clearly rejected to help Teela. Teela was trying to explain to Lyn that she needs help. He-Man came to know that the people who got infected from Skeletor, his sword can heal them, so He-Man was trying to amplify the range of the sword. He gave that work to Orko.

Adam gave Eterno’s crown to his uncle Keldor. Adam happily presented the king Keldor in front of everyone, but he gave an evil smile, looks like there is something wrong with Keldor.

Granamyr wasn’t ready to help Teela. Lyn was also helping Teela for it, but Granamyr said no every time. After Lyn made Granamyr understand, he agreed but asked a riddle. Granamyr started reading the dragon speech for Teela, and Teela got transformed.

On the other side, Skeletor was making new plans. Suddenly, Keldor appeared in Skeletor’s kingdom. But Keldor doesn’t even exist in real. It was Skeletor who took the form of Keldor and made everyone fool in Adam’s kingdom.

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