Masters of the Air Episode 1: Apple TV presents a magnum opus World War II-based TV show with a spectacular cast and production team. The show is created by John Orloff, executive producers include legendary director Steven Spielberg and legendary actor Tom Hanks. The show is developed by the makers of ‘Band of Brothers,’ one of the biggest critically acclaimed television shows.

The story of the show revolves around the 100th bomb group of the Eighth Air Force, an American unit, “the Bloody Hundredth,” sent to England for an important mission. The show has stellar characters, lead roles are Major Gale Cleven aka Buck (Austin Butler), Major John Egan aka Bucky (Callum Turner), Harry Crosby (Anthony Boyle), and D. Brady (Ben Radcliffe).

The pilot episode starts with a celebration party of soldiers. The team gets separated after the party for a few days. Bucky’s getting shipped out the next day, but the rest of the team will be flying practice missions over Nebraska. Bucky’s close friend Buck was also sitting in the club along with Buck’s girlfriend Marge. The team is enjoying a joyful drinks party at the club.

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Everyone is engaged in celebrations along with their partners. Bucky is the hundredth Air Executive in the force. The story suddenly goes back to May 21, 1943, 398th bomb group, Wilhelmshaven, Germany. The crew members got trapped in an airforce attack. The fighter jet started coming down from the sky. Duval got hit during the fighter jet clash.

Major Bucky motivated Duval to stay strong in the devastating situation. Bucky and the team did their counter-attack and blasted enemy fighter jets. The team finally landed on the ground, and Duval got transferred to the medical department. The rest of the team landed on Fort Allas from Dallas. They went to a military club and met other soldiers from there and started conversations.

The unit is made up of four squadrons, Major Gale Cleven was the commander of the 350th. Gale Cleven and Major Egen were unquestionable leaders. Ev Blakely was a pilot from Seattle, and Benny De Marco was from Philly. Their team had a main motive, to go against Nazi Germany and bring the war to Hitler’s doorstep. Major Egen enjoyed the whole night in the club with the gang and shared an intimate kiss with his girlfriend. Captain Brady and the rest of our crew started flying from Greenland to their base at Thorpe Abbotts in England. But somehow, they were separated from the rest of our group.

The team finally landed at the Thorpe Abbotts base. Major Egan arrived to greet his crew after the mission. Brady’s flight had a delay in landing because the landing gear motor got completely frozen or the jackscrew jammed up. They couldn’t pull the left landing gear. The crew requested a crash landing as an emergency way out. The flight landed safely even without a landing wheel.

Major Egan inquired about the incident and told the technical team to rebuild the fighter jet. Major Egan took charge as 100th Air Executive. Their new mission en route with his favorite crew.

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They lost almost 70 cargo ships to U-boats last month alone, and if they can’t get material from the United States to Great Britain, they won’t be stepping foot on the continent. The 350th at the high position with Major Cleven as the lead pilot, the 349th will be low with Major Veal as lead. Lieutenant Dye in the 351st, after formation the 100th will join the 94th, the 95th, and the 96th bomber groups. The team started their attack mission against Nazi.

Aircraft launched safe and sound, crew members started formation in the sky. Later, one of the aircraft had an engine failure. The flight got dismissed and returned to the base. The rest of the aircraft kept going with the mission. Buck led the team all the way through German Territory. Sudden attacks approached by Nazis. Flooded with missile and machine gun attack, Buck and the team couldn’t handle the situation properly. Overflowing bullets and missiles started destroying the aircraft.

One by one started getting shot during the mission. Many of them couldn’t even focus on the target due to clouds. The team couldn’t even find a proper target to drop the bombs. Few aircraft started falling to the ground, bombed, and burned. Crew members started to worry during the hectic mission. Suddenly the attack stopped from enemies for a few minutes; later, they started the attack on a double margin.

The aircraft couldn’t handle the attacks; many of them started falling from the sky. One way or another, the team left the place without placing the bomb; they reached back to their base with so many casualties. The emergency team spotted them and started taking necessary measures to make their health better. Bucky started talking with Buck to get ready for the interrogation.

The pilot episode ends with Major Egan taking Buck on a ride to the base in his vehicle. They kept talking about the incident. Thirty people got affected during the attack. Buck wondered how Major Egan survived and won two missions like this. Major Egan never shared anything about the reality during direct attacking missions.

Major Egan wanted Buck to find out the reality with his own eyes. The next episode will feature more about the after-effects of the tragic incident and the next attacking mission of the crew.

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