Masters of the Universe Revolution Episode 3: “Masters Of The Universe: Revolution” is a recently released animated adventure thriller fantasy Netflix Original show inspired by Mattel toys. The show serves as a spin-off to the previous Masters of The Universe shows that are already streaming on Netflix. The show is streaming with 5 episodes in the English language with English subtitles.

Episode 3 starts with Stonedar telling about his people. He was challenging Hordak to fight with him as Stonedar wanted to save his people. Hordak’s army started attacking Stonedar, and Stonedar fell on the floor.

Hordak was happy to know about Keldor’s deception. Skeletor also came to have a talk with Hordak. Skeletor didn’t know the truth of Keldor; he didn’t even know that Keldor was a real person. Hordak’s Motherboard started beating Skeletor. Suddenly, Skeletor started seeing Keldor, and Keldor appeared for real. Skeletech came to know that he’s Keldor for real.

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Skeletech is actually Keldor. On the other side, Teela was getting trained by Lyn. Teela unlocked so much power, and Teela and Lyn were having a talk for their kingdom. At the palace, Skeletech again goes as Keldor. He-Man thinks he’s Keldor, and he asked He-Man about his sword. Adam replied he sent it for repair.

Orko took the Sword of He-Man to Gwildor for help. Gwildor took them into the house of him, and He-Man was going to Snake Land. He-Man had a backup plan too. At the palace, Andra and Keldor were discussing the attack of Skeletec.

Andra agreed to help Keldor. Gwildor started helping Orko with the Sword of Power. At first, Gwildor wasn’t agreeing to help them, but after they mentioned the name of He-Man, Gwildor agreed to help them.

He-Man was having a fight at Snake Land. On the other side, Keldor was showing everyone his new invention, which Andra wasn’t aware that Skeletech is indirectly creating his new team. Adam reaches Skeletec’s place, and He-Man sees the crown of Keldor. He-Man realized that Keldor is Skeletec. He-Man contacted Teela, and she was on the way to help them.

Andra sees that everyone started following Keldor. Motherboard created a new technology, and He-Man wasn’t able to feel his power due to Motherboard’s technology. Adam’s power was blocked.

Hordak got all the powers of Grayskull. Hordak was feeling very happy, and his army took Adam with him. Adam sees Keldor at that place. He didn’t know that Skeletek is Keldor. When he sees that, he was really very shocked, and Episode 3 ends.

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