Masters of the Universe Revolution Review: “Masters of the Universe” is back with the new show, which is “Revolution.” I have just completed this Adventure Action Animated Kids Show, which is streaming on Netflix in the English Language with English Subtitles. The show is doing very well on Netflix.

In fact, the audiences who have watched previous shows like “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” and the second show “Masters of the Universe: Revelation” are totally blockbuster shows, and audiences loved “Revolution.” Also, they were excited about this new spinoff. If you’re thinking about watching this show, we’re presenting you a review that you should watch this Adventure Animated Show or not. We will cover most of the points.


The animation of the show is fabulous and excellent, just like the previous two shows. The animation uplifted the show more. The animation of new characters was amazing. This is inspired by Mattel toys, and they created characters from just toys. This is really remarkable.


In the start, the story was boring, but after when the story takes a fast pace, it seems to be interesting and more exciting. The story was good. We get to see new additions in the story like Keldor and more characters; they made the story more interesting.

The show starts with Adam fighting a new enemy, and we can see more champions joining Adam in the fight. In this part of Masters of the Universe, Adam has to fight his own uncle who’s Skeletor. Both were the same person, Skeletor and Keldor. We can’t spoil your excitement by telling you the whole story. Do check out our episode recaps.

Parental Guidance

This show is 13+. You can enjoy this show with your families and kids; this is specially created for kids only. If you’re free this weekend, then definitely go for Masters of the Universe: Revolution and enjoy with your family.

Animation – 4/5
Story – 3.5/5
Overall – 3/5

The short 2nd half-hour animated kids’ adventure show, which is enjoyable for kids, and definitely a great watch for this weekend. The trailer is available on YouTube; you can ultimately decide whether to watch this or not.

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