Masters Of The Air Episode 2: Recap and Explained

Masters of the Air Episode 4 Release Date

Masters of the Air Episode 4 Release Date: From the makers of the popular series Band of Brothers, Appletv presents “Masters of the Air” with Stephen Spielberg and Tom Hanks as executive producers. It’s a historical war series that tells about the missions done by the bombers of America against Germans during the Nazi time and the problems they faced while they did their missions.

The first episode introduced the bombers and their way of doing missions and how their friendship was. We can see a briefing of what they do in that episode. Egan and Cleven were friends in the bomber groups, they care about each other. Crews go on air to bomb German locations in their B-18 air craft. They get hit by German fighter planes on every mission.

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The missions they go in the first two episodes are tragic as they lost many of their soldiers. British Air Force and American Air Force have different methods for bombing Germans. British prefer night light bombing as they are good at it and less risky. But American Air Force prefers daylight bombing, but it’s very risky and can increase the deaths of its own crews.

In episode three they go for a bigger mission than they had gone before. But the climate was an enemy. The mission gets delayed in hours and makes the mission in tension. Many crews got hit by German’s heavy resistance, Curt and Dickie died when they landed their plane after they got hit. Quinn landed somewhere in France and he got two choices from them to either surrender or flee out.

Celeven somehow managed to reach the IP bomb the factory and make the mission a success. Cleven’s plane’s fuel tank was hit by Germans. Cleven told his crew to throw out no bolted things to fly on minimal fuel. The remaining crews landed on Africa safely making the mission a success with many losses. Cleven and Egan meet again, they have big road to move on.

In episode 4 we can expect a small deviation from the missions to other incidents and characters as per the promos. AppleTV will release episode 4 on 9th of February at 12:01 AM PST. It is expected to have around 50 minutes of runtime for episode 4. First three episodes are available to stream in AppleTV with English language and subtitles.


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