Masters of the Air Episode 3 Recap: Appletv releases historical war drama with the biggest team who made the Band of Brothers series. With executive producers Stephen Spielberg and Tom Hanks. The series shows about the bombers air forces of America who fought against Nazis with their hardworking efforts up in the air. This series details the hurdles faced by the bombers who lived at that time on these missions.

The episode starts with a meeting, everyone gathers at the tent to know their next mission. This time it’s a very big task, the biggest air strike ever in the war history. Colonel Harding details their plan to everyone. This time they are approaching different tactics to achieve the goal. This way they can give a big blow to Germans.

This time 8th Air Force will be targeting ball-bearing production lines in 3 German cities. If they blow these productions it will be the biggest hit, as these bearings are used in every machine, and without that, it cannot run. Colonel Harding explains their tactics to split the force into three.

The first task force will aim for a factory in Regensburg with one of the 100th as the lead. This mission has heavy risks as the force needs to face the hardest resistance from Krauts. Also there is no return back, the 8th need to go further to Telergma in Africa. And there will be higher risks while they go like tail-end Charlie.

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All of them were prepared for the mission, but the climate was very foggy. They need to go without a second and third crew. The mission getting delayed. Finally, Harding gets a command from central to take off without second and third units. We see air crews up in the air to their location. Even though it’s very risky to go up without backup they take the chance. Germans are attacking on every side, and American forces are getting hit a lot. Planes going down one by one by German attacks.

Curt’s plane also got hit by Germans, and his co-pilot also got hit. Ewan tells to abandon Dickie as he is hit, he can’t survive. But Curt says Ewan will land somehow and tells him to go and he will follow up. Ewan jumps out of the plane, and Curt tries to land the plane. But he couldn’t land it safely, and the plane blasts Curt and Dickie inside it.

Cleven’s plane’s fuel tank is hit by Germans. The fuel is leaking outside. Cleven tells the crew that he won’t stop until he finishes the mission no matter what happens. While Germans went back to refuel their planes Cleven’s plane reached above the IP. They target the factory and bomb it which destroys them. The mission is accomplished. Everyone is in relief, and Celeven tells them to throw out things that are not bolted from the plane to move the plane with limited fuel a bit longer.

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With no German fighters to attack Celeven and others reaches Africa. Quinn got landed up somewhere in France, and he was confronted by some people with a choice either to surrender or escape to England with risks. Cleven says only eleven out of twenty one survived the mission.



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