Mr. and Mrs. Smith Episode 3: Mr. and Mrs. Smith is an American spy thriller drama comedy series and is based on the 2005 film of the same name this show was created by Donald Glover and Francesca Sloane and the story moves around two spies for a mission and their mission is to live together whereas In the last of episode 2.

we see that Jane and John Smith enjoy their mission but they receive a message that the mission is failed and more we see in this article.

In this article, I am going to tell all the details about episode 3 where I have covered the plot and ending of this show in this article which will

Episode 3 of this show titled, “First Vacation” begins where episode 2 ends where we see that Hihi sends them a message about Italian Dolomites and tells them to check into the hotel and to spy on a couple named Gavol and Parker Martin and their mission is to bug their phone so that they can find the details about the call and for that smiths also have to live into the hotel and they are sleeping together as a couple.

After that, we see that Parker is having an argument with Gavol and she wants to sleep alone in a different room as Parket snores too much during sleep where we find that Gavol is a billionaire and for that, Parker feels like a surfer. The scene shifts to morning, where they plan to bug the phones and plan to split and get to know each other and plans to meet with each other and make a connection with them.

Later, we see that John receiving texts and calls from someone but he hides from Jane and he picks up the call when she finds that she is his mother as he doesn’t want to put her in danger and she stays away from his father and then, they follow the Martins but interrupted by the old couple who is her friends and Parker told Gavol are not want to go with the marriage and they discuss about this later after the meeting.

The Scene shifts where we see that Jane begins the conversation with Parker at the restaurant where John begins his conversation with Gavol and begins his drink and she tells him that she needs space from her husband where Jane leaves and starts with Parker where they plan to meet with both the couple.

At the last of this episode, we see that John plans to meet Gavol and she gets him into the hot water bath scene where Gavon argues with Parker and he still loves her at night, the Smiths decide to sleep in the same room and Jane gets up and plans to go for a walk and he knows that she farts but she denies but farts and they laughs and the episode ends.

This is all the details about episode 3, where I have covered the plot details, story, and ending of this show. Let me know in the comment box that how much you like this show.

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