Masters of the Air Episode 3 Release Date: AppleTV presents a historic war action mini-series set in World War II time. The episode arrives weekly. From the creators of the Popular series Band of Brothers, this is also an addition to their war action historical drama.

During World War II time there were American bomber groups bombing against Nazis. The Series tells the history of bombers who sacrificed and fought against Nazis up in the air. Adapted from best-selling “Masters of the Air: America’s Bomber Boys Who Fought the Air War Against Nazi Germany” by Donald Miller.

The whole series shows the tactics and problems they faced in the air war against the Germans. Using B-17 to bomb, series shows their limitations with the mechanisms and technologies they had back then. Episode one and two introduces the bombers and their methods used at that time. Shows how the people died and some survived while doing their Air wars.

Buck and Bucky are good friends and the best pilots and commanders. They are good at their work. American bombers do daylight bombing which is very risky and has more damage on them, while British bombers do nightlight bombing which is not as risky as daylight. Both episodes mostly show their air bombing with B-17. How they are bombing, what happens out there facing Nazis on air. Their difficulties with limited options

Appletv released the first two episodes same time but from next week they release one episode per week. Episode 3 will release on 2nd of February on Wednesday at 12:01 AM PST.

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It is expected to have around 50 minutes of runtime for episode 3. The first two episodes are available to stream on AppleTV with English language and subtitles.



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