Masters of the Air Review: AppleTV released their historical action war series with the popular creator John Orloff who is well known for the show Band of Brothers. As people are eager for their next show after years of waiting AppleTV released this show with Stephen Spielberg and Tom Hanks as backbones for the series.

The story is adapted from the best-selling “Masters of the Air: America’s Bomber Boys Who Fought the Air War Against Nazi Germany” by Donald Miller. The story happens at the time of World War II, the bomber groups who are trying to defeat Nazis with their air force.

American airmen’s uses for B-17 to bomb on Nazis. Throughout the series, creators used their best in capturing the details to replicate World war II behind the scenes. The graphics used in the show is at their best on many portions. We can notice how well they researched for the show. Creators even used minute details.

Most times in the show we see either they are up in the air fighting on B-17 or at the base planning their missions. We can see many air shots with bombers, and crews talking about the commands and procedures during the fight. We can see every scene in detail. Some shots show seawater and emergency landing, those shots are made very well. Production quality is big in this.

The lead characters are nicknames Buck and Bucky. Were Buck is Major Gale Clevan played by Austin Butler. He is the commander of one of the squadrons and pilot. Buck got his name from Bucky who is Major John Egan played by Callum Turner. Bucky and Buck are friends. They care for each other. As pilots and commander they did their jobs at best, the casts put very good effort into portraying those characters. We can see them as real as it is.

Apart from casts and visual fx teams, cinematography did their job at its perfection. Their visuals are the main plus in the series. Each shot is as gud as it is. We can see many shots inside bomber, B-17 is very small to equip people in it, with that congested space Cinematographer shows each of them, how they are out to be in it with that limited space. Artworks also did very well, they captured every details of the properties used at the World War II times. Their dressing also are well-detailed.

For viewers who likes war and action with some historical information with a well-made visual shots Master of the Air is a treat. Even though the plot is flat, if you like this kind of war actions bomber air forces story is a different experience.

Usually most war action series show the story where soldiers fight on the ground with guns, but this series shows fight as bombers. It’s a new experience to viewers the story of bombers. I liked their narration in these two episodes that came. I can rate 3 out of 5 on aired episodes.

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