Lucien, Clemence & Jerome Backstory: 1899 has finally arrived on Netflix and it has been making the fans all over in one word, going BONKERS! With the show not only giving us a complex storyline but also a high-tech take on reality itself, we’re in for a crazy ride.

The creators of the show have hinted numerous times that “We’re not asking the right questions”. So, in lieu of that, we thought it’s good to know the backstories of the characters so we’d be able to make sense of 1899 a bit more since there might be some reality to their backstories and not everything that we were shown is supposedly fiction.

Backstory of Lucien, Clemence & Jerome

Lucien and Jerome were brothers-in-arms who were deserters from the Legion and they come across their dead lieutenant Lucien decides to take away the clothes and the badge of that lieutenant and dress up as one and proposes the idea to go the next military post and he would be the wounded lieutenant and Jerome would be the soldier who saved his life and they would be sent back home after that.

If they don’t do that, they’ll die in the desert without any supplies, Jerome is strictly against that and tries to put some sense into Lucien and for a moment Lucien agrees but then he knocks Jerome out and puts him inside a cell.

When Jerome wakes up, he finds Lucien dressed up as the lieutenant, and then Lucien leaves and tells the army that Jerome is a deserter so that no one would believe any word he says about Lucien.

Lucien who goes off to a life of luxury eventually marries Clemence who comes from a rich family but Lucien finds himself sick with something in his brain because of which he gets seizures to stop that, he keeps a collection of vials of Potassium Bromide. Jerome on the other hand, comes aboard Kerberos as a stowaway and goes to Lucien and Clemence’s room and keeps the lieutenant’s badge that Lucien had stolen.

On the other hand, Lucien and Clemence are in a marriage that is everything other than happy, and Lucien, because of that medication cannot have an erection as well.

And then, Jerome arrives and Clemence gets attracted to Jerome and we can feel that as well but towards the end, Lucien tells Clemence everything and she stays by his side before he dies of a seizure.



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