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‘1899’ Season 1 Ending Explained | Netflix | What Is Prometheus & Kerberos?

‘1899’ Season 1 Ending Explained: 1899 has finally arrived on our screens and has started baffling audiences all over the world and it is nothing short of what we expected from DARK creators. However, 1899 is all too different from DARK and focuses on HUMAN Consciousness and unlocking its true potential the whole show throughout its 8 Episodes plays throughout that, showing us traumatic memories from each of the passengers at the start of the Episode until they hear Maura’s voice saying “Wake Up”.

Season 1 of this mind-boggling show has come to an end giving us a plethora of questions and scratching our heads as well in search of answers, but to search for those answers we need to start from the beginning itself and know what is, so let us be your ally in showing you the ropes from the start of 1899.

What Is Prometheus & Kerberos?

Prometheus & Kerberos are the two ships that belong to an English businessman Henry Singleton who bought 3 ships from the Germans and then kept the ships in for quite some time that time, he made some modifications, namely the shafts that we see which open a pathway to memories of the passengers.

The passengers are also given their rooms in a way that the shaft below their beds straight takes them to their traumatic memories which they are running away from.

Prometheus was the first ship to sail and the show makes itself very clear about that from the first Episode that Prometheus was lost at sea and has not been found in the last 4 months. However, Kerberos is the second ship from the same ship company which has set sail to America with passengers of different cultural backgrounds.

1899 Series Netflix

As time progresses, we come to know that the ships have some kind of communication system with Henry Singleton which the first mate does and no one else is aware of this. The ship contains shafts that are used to travel to the passengers’ memories but also has portals as well like the cupboard in the bar which make the person travel to another place as the first mate used it to travel to Henry Singleton’s hideout.

There are places inside the respective memories of the passengers where it seems like it’s the end like in the mental hospital when Daniel is locked inside the memory of Maura and he finds the ship’s hull behind one of the walls of that room and he takes off that with the help of a rod and finds the maintenance room full of wirings and after going through there, he finds another opening to a different memory.

Given that the premise is about unlocking the true potential of the mind or the subconscious, it’s the perspective of the person that needs to be shifted in order to get the full scope of things and that is what Daniel did in this and he was able to get out of the situation and all of this is part of the ship itself.



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