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‘1899’ Characters – Full List – Who Is Playing What ? | Netflix

‘1899’ Full Characters List: 1899 Season 1 has been a mind-bending journey and it is nothing short of what was expected from the creators of DARK, The show focuses on HUMAN Consciousness and unlocking its true potential and the whole show throughout its 8 Episodes plays throughout that.

With so many passengers part of the Kerberos and their backstories, one could be easily confused about the whole premise and what the show really wants to convey, so we made a list of all the characters of the show that featured in Season 1.

Here’s the list.

Maura Franklin

She’s the lead character of the show who comes off as someone who studied medicine and is on the Kerberos to find her brother Cianan who is in the US and suspects her father for his disappearance.

Eyk Larsen

He’s the captain of Kerberos & supposed captain of Prometheus as well whose wife along with 3 daughters died in a fire he has not been able to come out of that trauma and those emotions of him cloud his judgment.

Virginia Wilson

She is a Businesswoman that works as a prostitute controller and runs a sex trade operation since she hired Mei Mei, the older sister of Ling Yi to come to England.

Ling Yi

Chinese Girl who is being trafficked is shown as a Japanese Girl and handled by Mrs. Virginia Wilson who is running away because she had overdosed on her older sister Mei Mei for her position at the ship which she didn’t know meant prostitution.


Olek works on the ship inside the furnace where he fuels the ship with coal. We are not shown his memory but we know that he’s Polish and wants to go to the US to his brother who had sent him a postcard with a picture of the Statue Of Liberty.

Daniel Solace

Daniel is Maura’s husband who comes aboard Kerberos when the captain and his party go to search for Prometheus. He is a master programmer who was able to change the code of the whole simulation at the end of Season 1 and help Maura wake up from the simulation.


Tove is the pregnant woman who is helped by Maura in the beginning. However, we get to know that the child she’s carrying is of her rapist who she kills when she’s being [email protected] by his landlord for revenge.


He’s the Spanish Guy who has come aboard to Kerberos with Ramiro and seems very reckless. However, later we get to know that he’s homosexual and he tries to seduce Krester.


He’s the Portuguese Guy who is dressed like a priest. We first get to see Angel and Ramiro as brothers but then find them out as lovers. It is revealed later that Ramiro had killed someone for Angel and then they had to flee and were on their way to America.


He’s the Danish guy to comes to the dining hall, in the beginning, to ask for help. He’s the brother of Tove and Ada and also a homosexual who engages in steamy masturbation with Angel.


He’s the French guy on the ship aboard with his wife Clemence but later we get to know that he’s actually a deserter who had taken the rank of a Lieutenant during the war and falsely got the recognition. He also gets seizures and to control those seizures, he keeps Potassium Bromide with him. He’s also going to die because of something he has in his mind, possibly a tumor.


Clemence is Lucine’s Wife who he married after he had falsely got the rank of a Lieutenant and has lied about his doings. Clemence looks like a trying wife but Lucien doesn’t pay her any heed giving her the excuse that everything was an arrangement and she never loved him.

Jerome – Kerberos stowaway

Jerome is a Kerberos stowaway who comes aboard Kerberos as a stowaway and is hiding in the coal repository. He’s also an old friend of Lucien and they were brothers in arms who were actually against the idea of Lucien snatching rank from a dead Lieutenant for which Lucien had captured him in a cell and told him off as a deserter.


She’s the younger sister of Krester and Tove who gets killed by Daniel.


Ciaran is the brother of Maura whom she wants to find and get to the bottom of what happened to him. In the end of Season 1, we see that Ciaran is the mastermind behind all of this, the simulation and we see communication from Ciaran on the console.


She’s Krester and Tove’e Mother who is mentally sick and makes it seem like she hears the voice of God and goes to lengths to protect her values. We see her going to so much extent that she believes that Eliott, the boy is the incarnation of the devil and throws him off the boat.


He’s the father of Tove and Krester who is also a priest and is very loving and supportive of her wife Iben. We see him trying and when Iben asks him to leave his mother Iben, he stands by Iben knowing that iben is in the wrong there.

Yuk Je

She’s the middle-aged woman and mother of Ling Yi who is traveling with her on the Kerberos. We see in the memories of Ling Yi that her mother was a prostitute.


He’s the first mate of the Kerberos, second in command to the captain Eyk Larsen and is also an inside man for Henry Singleton and keeps sending messages to him all throughout the first season. He’s the one responsible for capturing Eliott and taking him to Henry.


He’s the right-hand man of the captain of Kerberos, Eyk Larsen who also commits mutiny after he overthrows the captain for his decisions in pursuit of Prometheus.

Henry Singleton

He’s the father to Maura and Ciaran Singleton who seems like he’s the mastermind of this whole operation but he is also in fact stuck in this simulation just like others.


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