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Why There Were No Bodies Found On Prometheus? – ‘1899’ Explained | Netflix

1899 has released on Netflix and it has been an amazing ride for the thinkers and rightly pointed out by so many people, it dwells on philosophy and technology a bit too deeply and what it gives is a product that is going to keep you thinking, just like technology and philosophy does, which is interesting. However, with each episode, the curiosity along with questions keep increasing inside our heads.

One of that questions is, why were there no bodies found on Prometheus when Eyk along with Maura boarded Prometheus but didn’t find any bodies? Well, here’s our take on that.

Well, for starters Prometheus has been lost at sea for almost 4 months, and already mentioned by Eyk that if the passengers hadn’t rationed the food, they might already be dead and if they were already dead then there should be dead bodies.

However, when Maura and Eyk were in the furnace part of the sea they found machines that run at 900 degrees Maura points that only cremators run at that temperature but then there were no traces of bones inside that as well. So, this gets us to the question, why aren’t there any bodies?

The simple answer, it’s already shown in Episode 5 “The Calling” when all the passengers were being called to the ship’s deck by a mysterious ticking and then making them jump into the sea and given that Kerberos is actually another simulation, then it’s going to behave like the previous simulation i.e., Prometheus which means that there were no bodies found because they died by jumping into the sea so there’s not going to be any bodies inside the ship.


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