“Kubra” Series Episode 7 : Kubra is a Netflix original Turkish drama with eight episodes that tells about a normal man who then got massive supporters following him. Things change as his popularity increases people question his authenticity.

The seventh episode opens with a flashback of Merve with Ali Cemal coming to Gokhan’s prayer home. They were tensed about what would happen to Gokhan if the protestors started to oppose him. Merve is smoking with Cemal in the car, as they have no idea what to do. Merve go and meet Gokhan, then come back to the car. Merve says if Gokhan dies and is resurrected in front of everyone they all will start to believe in Gokhan again.

She asks Cemal to make it happen as he is an ex-military guy. But Cemal says if Gokhan knows he won’t accept it. So they plan to fake the killing and resurrection without Gokhan knowing. Next, we can see them planning to make the kid shoot a bullet from a fake gun Cemal gave to Gokhan. Cemal guarantees the kid that it only takes 1year in prison, and he will make sure the family gets good money to settle. On his promise kid shoots down Gokhan in the middle of the crowd.

Finally, Semavi and Merve got married. The next day we can see happy couples wake up on bed. Gulcan came knocking the door says it’s urgent and Gokhan needed to see this. We can government officials saying to the press that all the bank accounts used by Semavi Foundation have been frozen. They not clearly said the reason for doing this but it’s clearly political revenge on Semavi not supporting their leader. Semavi is angry and devasted hearing the news. Gokhan and others went to their place, they are worried about police coming to arrest.

Police came to Gokhan’s home, and only his mother is there. They arrested hsi mother and uncle Riza. Cut to the football field, Merve and Cemal are worried about the shirt that was used when Gokhan got a hit. They fear that if police fins it their plan will reveal. They are worried about Gulcan telling the truth about it to Gokhan. When they opened the room they saw the shirt is missing. Police arrived there to arrest Semavi. Everyone shouts on the police, but Semavi looks calm, then a guy runs to him and says Semavi’s mother and uncle got arrested by the police.

Police raid their place, took all the documents related to the foundation. Everyone is in shock what to do, they all asking to retreat against police. But Semavi says he will handle it no more protests needed and left the place. When he going through the village some aunties called him and blessed him and we all are with you, we support you for what you are doing.

Merve and Cemal ask Gulcan about the missing shirt. Gulcan says her mother and uncle were arrested by police and you are worried about the shirt, and denies she telling anyone about this or taking the shirt. Serhat meets the cop Kara, it seems Serhat stole the shirt, and he gave it to Kara. Gulcan comes to see Serhat and knows he stole the shirt and gave to the cop. Serhat says the cop was blackmailing him and her, he has something on them drugs or anything. Serhat says he did these to protect Gulcan.

Gokhan go to meet the political guy who is behind these arrests. Gokhan requests him to unfreeze the money in the bank accounts and release the arrested friends. But the political guy makes him and says to kneel before all of them so that he can consider them. Gokhan was not accepted and was gone. Merve and Cemal got to know about the shirt given to the cop.

They are worried about what will happen when Gokhan gets to know. Cop meets Gokhan and tells the truth about the fake blood with DNA results. Gokhan calls Merve and they meet, Gokhan asks whose plan was it, and Merve says its her plan unless they do something like this everything will collapse.

At the end of the episode, the cop’s wife Nalan come to Gokhan and says she believe in him like everyone. He doesn’t need any miracle, it’s his people are the miracle for him. She says him to continue what he is doing. Ends withi a guy walking to him and saying he need to speak about Kubra to him.

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