Kubra Series Episode 5: Netflix original Kubra is a mystery Turkish drama with eight episodes happening in a rural place Ormancilar of Istanbul. Unusual events occur when an ex-soldier and a mechanic guy gets messages from an entity that he considers Allah. In the last episode, it ended with a kid Burak dying by a shootout and Gokhan saw a building demolishing in front of his eyes and god spoke “You can’t see me” to his ears.

The fifth episode starts with the funeral of Burak who died in fourth episode because of the police fight with the crowd. Gokhan was missing since that incident. People placed Burak’s coffin inside the football field. They see Gokhan coming from above the hill. As Gokhan comes, he goes silent with the people gathered. We can see media covering the issue on it.

People gathered got the news that the police officer who shot Burak got released from jail. They get angry and started attacking the police gathered there. It caused a huge protest between people and the police. Gokhan and Serhat and others tried to control the crowd from attacking the police, but it got worse. The police investigated on the building that got demolished in the last episode. Investigator says it was gas leak but the chief of police don’t seem to believe it as coincindence as he saw the demolition in front of his eyes.

People and media are still behind the government on releasing the officer who killed Burak. Police arrested some of the guys who attacked the police on the funeral. The police officer meet the kids in jail, they all talking against Gokhan now. Outside the station people gathered for another protest. Gokhan tried to stop the protest but nobody listen to him now, Hodja warns him that he told this is the wrong path he is going. Hodja tells Gokhan to fix this issue by himself. More people are getting involved in this issue, Gokhan is in worry and confused.

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Gokhan played by Cagatay Ulusoy

Gokhan goto stranded house he used to pray to Allah. He is very sad and crying praying Allah to forgive for what he did. Merve comes and visit Gokhan, and speaks about finding a solution. Serhat comes and says the attack is going to happen tomorrow unless we stop we them it will be a disaster. The cop comes and enquires again about Gokhan’s plan on this.

But for everyone, Gokhan had no answer to stop these things. While talking to the cop Gokhan says it’s not the cop’s fault he died, which he explains Allah told him when the cop interrogated him that time. Those words make the cop in crying as he leaves with a sad history in his face. We can see a flashback of the cop, he looking at his boy dying in the hospital room, his wife crying as they are unable to save their kid.

Boys are preparing others with guns and explosives for the next attack. Some of them are afraid of doing it, but they are accepting to do it by their own. Gokhan go to their place and gets angry on all saying that these are not what Allah wants. He warns them not to do these things.

But they are not listening to him anymore. Everyone tell him to stay away from this unless he can show them a miracle. Gokhan go to Merve’s home. He says crying he couldn’t do anything to stop this. He looked shattered, but Merve trying to console him and motivate him that Allah won’t leave him in pain, he will give him a solution to all these.

At the end of the episode, Gokhan is ready in well dressed with Merve to leave the house to protest area. They all go to protesters. Gokhan runs to the mob and shouts to stop the protest, but no one caring his words. Suddenly he gets shot by a kid among the protestors, the kid runs away. Gokhan falls to the ground as he gets shot in the chest. People and the media had that shocking look on their face.

Merve and Serhat with him. Merve unbuttoned his shirt to take out the bullet and saw the bullet was not pierced on his body. Everyone is shocked when they see a bullet did not get into his body. He didn’t die of the shooting. Only some blood flowed from his body too like from a scratch. As Gokhan stood up without any issues people stopped their protest and started charming “Allahu Akbar” and the Episode ends here.

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