“Kubra” Series Episode 6: Netflix presents eight episodic Turkish original dramas revolving around a faithful Allah believer who’s been chosen as the messenger of god and how he’s going to change society with his ability in the rest of the story. The story happens in Ormancilar, Istanbul where people truly believe in their god Allah.

They go along the path paved by Gokhan a messenger of Allah. As some incidents occur people start confusion among each other over Gokhan.

The sixth episode started with the Crowd chanting for Gokhan, “Semavi we stand with you, you cannot be harmed”. Gokhan addressed the crowd who started supporting him again after surviving an unexpected murder attack against him. Gokhan told them that Allah is the person who decides who lives and who dies, for their part, all they can do is submit to Allah’s will, they shouldn’t allow their pain to begin to overshadow their faith, just as there was a purpose in Allah almighty taking Burak from them, there must be reason why Allah spared his life.

The police department sends a crew to the shooter’s home at midnight to catch for attempted murder of Gokhan. The police officers took him to the station and started the interrogation. The Shooter expressed that he wanted to try to kill Gokhan to put an end to the miserable things that happened after the young man’s death. The police officers are unsatisfied with the things the shooter explained to them. Somehow, they wanted to showcase Gokhan as a fraud and a terrorist organization head, but the statement Shooter couldn’t bring the truth behind Gokhan’s survival of the shooting attempt.

The Semavi organization started rebuilding again with much more strength. Semavi earned more trust and supporters after the unexplainable death survival. Inside the foundation room, the white shirt that Semavi wore during the miraculous event was put up in a glass box for the public to see. Gokhan couldn’t believe what happened to him, why did he get chosen by almighty Allah? Merve always with him for supporting and giving emotional strength to him. Because of her words, Gokhan got the courage to face the public. In the same meantime, Gokhan expressed his wish to marry Merve.

Semavi became a sensational topic all over the country. Politicians and media people started debates over Semavi. It doesn’t matter whether Semavi real a god-gifted person or a fraud, he started helping millions of people through his organization. The organization started to spread across the country with more donations gathered, and eventually, so many people started healing from the financial crisis, and medical and educational problems. Everyone kept talking about Semavi every day. Everyone started waiting at his place to meet him and ask him for help.

A crowd gathered to witness Semavi’s speech, and suddenly a lady came and asked Semavi to have a private conversation with her for some minutes. Semavi accepted her request and started talking in his room. She is a person who’s living in a depressed state after the sudden death of her son during a motorcycle accident.

Semavi felt deep sadness in that lady and told her to stop blaming herself for the unexpected accidental death of her son. After the conversation, the lady got a good amount of mental peace and went back home. The husband of this lady is the same police officer who named Semavi as a fraud. Things got out of hand with a lady and her husband, and they argued about the meeting with Semavi.

Gokhan got grabbed to a car by some security guards from a street. They took to a luxurious house, the man of the house came out to invite Gokhan inside. The same politician who came to meet him days ago planned that meeting. Gokhan started listening to his words and the politician kept talking about their political agenda. Gokhan refused every request of the politician and he kept saying that he only obey’s the almighty Allah, he never obey’s so-called political leaders.The politician told Gokhan to kiss their leader on a public event after Gokhan’s wedding, Gokhan got triggered by his arrogant behavior.

Merve and Gokhan started preparing for their wedding, Gokhan asked permission from merve’s father and when Gokhan started leaving the house, Merve’s father told him to make sure everything going to be fine and that Gokhan should take care of Merve no matter what happens. Gokhan’s mother gave wedding rings to him and wished a happy life with merve.

The sixth episode ending with a banger twist on the wedding day. Gulca saw Merve and her friend talking with the brother of the shooter who tried to murder Semavi. Gulca somehow listened what they talked and found out the truth that the bullet shooting was completely stagged by Merve and her friend, it has nothing to do with Almighty Allah’s presence.

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