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“Kubra” Series Review | Netflix

“Kubra” Series Review: Netflix is back with another Turkish original web series after some time. “Kubra” is the latest addition to the Turkish drama series on their watching list, consisting of eight episodes with more than 40 minutes of runtime. Each episode is good to watch as it uses a unique story not often seen in usual dramas.

This show discusses human lives and the influence of faithful god believers around society. We have already posted detailed recaps for all eight episodes of the series on our website, and now we are explaining the final review after watching the complete episodes.

“Kubra” was filmed around the locations of Istanbul city and the nearest places. The main character of the show is Gokhan, played by Cagatay Ulusoy. Cagatay Ulusoy did his job very well in this drama. He lived in his character as Gokhan, maintaining that innocent look throughout the drama. Even with a slow narration, this show keeps the audience waiting for the next episodes. The plot used is a unique one, not often seen in many dramas, especially in Turkey; it’s very rare. Divine elements used in the story really worked well.

“Kubra” has very limited characters, and the location is only a small area. Ormancilar is a small place in Istanbul where the story happens. Technically, “Kubra” has a good team, as we can see good production value throughout the series. Even in minimal space, the cinematography is very good; they show the beautiful scenery of the Ormancilar place.

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Another plus is their sound department. We can hear good background scores used to uplift the intensity of the scenes. From the moment the first episode starts with their music and flashback edits, we get immersed in the world of Gokhan and his Ormancilar place.

Even though the characters are very few, they all have importance in making the story progress. Apart from Gokhan, Merve, his girlfriend played by Aslihan Malbora, is also highlighted throughout the series. The series uses a dark tone to portray the suffering and dark side of the village. Most scenes are captured either in Gokhan’s home or their football ground. Apart from spiritual relations, the story talks about advanced techs, and the screenplay is made suited for that so that the audience can relate to it.

“Kubra’s” story is adapted from Afsin Kum’s Kubra novel. “Kubra” is a fictional novel by the famous writer Afsin Kum. Netflix has adapted his work before too for their shows, and they have done well with adapting. This drama also maintains without altering too much of his story. The director executed this drama very well. Even though “Kubra” is a little slow in its narration, we can say it’s not a waste of time nor worthless.

But overall, “Kubra” gives a good watching experience with good emotions and some religious thoughts. I liked it overall, even with some dull moments due to lags; it’s an okay watch if you prefer slowly narrated dramas with some daily life elements and small surprises.

I rate it 3 out of 5.

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