Red Queen (Reina Roja) Season 2 Release Date: Amazon Prime presents a seat-edge crime investigation show called ‘Red Queen’. This intense crime thriller show revolves around a specially talented woman, who has a higher level IQ, which easily solves impossible cases, and becomes part of an underground organisation called Red Queen.

A suspended cop was appointed to take her back to solving cases and the serial killer case she got , made significant changes in her life.

Red Queen is an intense crime thriller from Amazon Prime. This Spanish thriller show is also named as Reina Roja which was created by Koldo Serra and Julian de Tavira. The investigation thriller premiered on February 29 through Amazon Prime. The show has seven episodes in total with an average duration of fifty minutes. The show got pretty good reviews from all over the globe. Fans started expressing their wishes to watch season 2 sooner.

Red Queen’s first season concluded with seven episodes. The show has plenty amount thrilling elements in each episode. The first season finale ended up with a banger twist. Nicolas Fajardo and Sandra kidnapped Carla and Antonia Scott’s son Jorge. Nicolas Fajardo and Sandra tortured and traumatized Carla. Gutierrez was admitted under police custody, his mother planned everything for his escape. She took her car and helped him escape. Antonia Scott and Gutierrez found out Nicolas Fajardo’s location.

Antonia Scott got a gun with seventeen bullets from Laura. Gutierrez and Antonia Scott went under the tunnel to rescue Carla and Jorge. They saw many wired bombs inside the secret tunnels. Gutierrez encountered Nicolas Fajardo with the help of Carla. At the same time, Antonia Scott made Sandra to touch the wired bomb.

Sandra blasted in front of Antonia Scott, everyone got back to their homes and to their regular life. After a few days, Antonia Scott was seen playing with her son, Carla managing the business of her father, Laura got back her son from Secretary and Gutierrez got back to his job at the police department.

Red Queen season 1 ended with a cliffhanger for the second season. The real identity of Sandra and the mastermind behind all these events is yet to be revealed. Antonia Scott was very sure about the presence of Mr.white in all these incidents. In the next season, the show will focus on the life of Antonia Scott. Mr. White will come up with a new plan to defeat Antonia Scott in season 2.

The expectations for the next season is already at their peak. Everyone kept asking the production house and Amazon Prime to renew it for a second season.

Red Queen season 2 is expected to be released in the summer of 2025. The makers already planned to shoot for a second season with the same cast. Amazon Prime hasn’t announced any about the renewal yet. But we are sure about the possibility of renewing the show for a second season. All seven episodes of Red Queen is now available on Amazon Prime in multiple languages.



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