‘Nicolas Fajardo’ In “Reina Roja” Character Explained: Amazon Prime presents a seven-episodic crime investigation Spanish thriller series “Red Queen” also known as “Reina Roja“. The story revolves around Antonia Scott an intelligent girl who has the highest IQ and is traumatized by her old tragic pasts and Jon Gutierrez a police officer who is committed to his work caught on a false case and forced to work for the Red Queen organisation.

Nicolas Fajardo’s character is portrayed by famous spanish actor Nacho Fresneda. He did many prominent roles in his peak period. One of the notable shows is the time travel show Ministry of Time, he got very popular during the release of the show. He also acted along with Ana de Armas in a television show called

Hispania la leyenda. He is also known for his works like Isabel, the silence of the Marsh and Hospital Central. He won many awards including Spanish union awards for the lead performance in the show, the ministry of time. Nacho Fresneda’s character as Nicolas Fajardo gave a terrific atmosphere and dark nature to the show.

Nicolas Fajardo was a former NBC police officer. He was traumatized after the death of her daughter Sandra. Nicolas Fajardo has bipolar disorder and PTSD and was admitted to a mental institution. For the guys who know him it looked like he vanished out of nowhere after his daughter’s death. Nicolas Fajardo’s father tortured him when he was young, he still has the scars from the tortures he faced when he was young. His life was miserable and after his daughter’s death, he went very mad.

When he was in a mental institution, the girl who faked to his daughter came to him and said she is his daughter. He left the asylum after that with her. He didn’t know that girl was not his daughter. He loved his daughter very much, he did anything for her daughter. Even though he accepted her as his daughter sometimes he gets doubts about her.

Nicolas Fajardo kidnaps the victims from and tortures them in an underground room. His ideology is to hurt children for the sins their parents did, thus it hurts their parents. He tortures them, sexually assault them and makes them starve. He targets millionaires’ children and takes revenge on them for the sins of their parents. He tells them to release a public statement about the sins they did so that he will release their child. If they don’t do what he tells he kills them by draining their blood to zero in a violent way. Nicolas Fajardo has a sexual affection with his daughter.

He has a soft spot for children, his mind tells him to not hurt children but when Sandra manipulates him he hurts children too. He doesn’t like his daughter going away from him, he asks most times to Sandra about where did she go.  At the initial episodes, Nicolas Fajardo was called in the name Ezequiel. Later his original name Nicolas Fajardo was revealed.

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That’s all about the character of Nicolas Fajardo. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.


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