‘Sandra’ In “Reina Roja” Character Explained: ‘Sandra’ In “Reina Roja” Character Explained: Amazon Prime presents another crime thriller investigation series with seven episodes. The story revolves around a psychopath killer who murders a young man and kidnaps a rich woman. An underground organisation takes interest in the case and appoints an extremely intelligent woman and a detective to solve the case and rescue the woman.

Sandra is one of the most important antagonists in the show called ‘Red Queen’. Sandra is a psychopathic woman who is obsessed with torturing wealthy people. She is very much brutal towards all victims. Sandra’s character is portrayed by young emerging Spanish actress Andrea Trepat. She is an award-winning artist with many notable characters in her career.

She did significant roles in television shows like Mar de plastico, Amar en tiempos revueltos, Ines of my soul and Caronte. She got many nominations and awards for roles in short film called Morir cada dia. She gave a frightening ambience to her character as Sandra. She lived like a monstrous character in the show.

Sandra is a clever woman, who knows the weaknesses of the victims. She tortures them on their weakness. She is a complete psycho without any emotional bond with anyone. She acted like a daughter to Nicolas Fajardo. Other than the kidnapped victims, she also tortured and beat her father Nicolas Fajardo. She doesn’t have any real emotions inside her. She was extremely brutal with her victims.

She is the mastermind behind the kidnap and killings. Her father sometimes feel guilty about the things they’ve been doing, but Sandra explains and brainwashes him back to violent mode.

Sandra made every step ahead of Antonia Scott. She always changes her looks into something violent, depressed and weird. Sandra had a clash with Antonia Scott in the end of first season finale. She somehow escaped after the blast. Sandra never worries about what others think about her. She took a loaded gun into the school compound and killed many people while kidnapping Antonia Scott’s son. Sandra cut the fingers of Nicolas Fajardo when asked her to stop going outside to kill people.

Sandra never felt guilty about what she has done. Sandra planted many hidden bombs in madrid. She killed many honest detectives after trapping them on a fake location. She will go to any extent to crucify the victims. She ordered Nicolas Fajardo multiple times to kill Carla and Jorge sooner. She is an example for an extremely violent psychopath.

That’s all about the character of Sandra. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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