June Lenker In ‘Criminal Record’ Actress Name: “Criminal Record” is an ongoing Apple TV+ original American Thriller Crime drama series, available for Apple TV+ subscribers only. The show started very well, and we have already posted a recap of two episodes; do check it out.

There are many characters that are part of this show, and audiences want to know more about the characters of the show. So, here we’re going to tell you about the character June Lenker.

June Lenker is played by actress Cush Jumbo. Cush Jumbo is a well-known American actor who has worked in various films and shows.

In the Apple TV+ original series, she’s playing the role of June Lenker, a CID Officer. She’s very sharp and smart and lives with her family. They are a family of three, living with Jacob, her son, and Leo, her husband. Leo and June love each other so much. But now, June is going through so many problems.

She got stuck with Daniel in the case of Maria. To know more about the case, do check out the episode recap. Lenker is crossing every limit to know more about this case. In fact, she also got the confidential Pathology Report, which was not available for everyone. She accessed it with the help of her colleague, Chloe.

When Lenker first met with Daniel, she came to know that Daniel is having other plans, and Daniel is still hiding something from everyone. Lenker will go deep into the roots and find the conclusion. DS Lenker was assaulted by Clive Silcox, who is already a criminal. Many cases were registered against him for domestic violence, but Lenker caught him also.

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Now, Lenker is trying to find out more about Errol Mathis and the woman who’s associated with him. We will explain more about it in the future episodes.

This is all about DS June Lenker. What do you think about the Character? Please let us know in the comments.



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