The Unwanted Undead Adventurer Episode 2: (Nozomanu Fushi no Boukensha The Unwanted Undead Adventurer ) The Unwanted Undead Adventurer is an ongoing Thriller Fantasy Japanese Anime Show that is currently streaming with 2 episodes. We have already posted a recap of episode 1. Do check it out on our site. We have attached a link also for quick redirect. Here we begin with episode 2.

Episode 2 starts with our Adventurer still inside the cave, and he found some goblins. He has to fight with them; he is still a skeleton. He is getting evolved after every fight. He killed goblins too.

Rentt said he feels he’s stronger than humans. After that intro comes.

After that, we see one girl fighting with a skeleton. Rentt also witnessed that there is a human inside the cave; he was shocked to see her. He was seeing her from a distance.

He was also going behind her; the way the rookie girl was going. In the path, she finds one more skeleton and kills that skeleton too. She said if she wants to be a real adventurer, she won’t die at the hands of a skeleton.

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Suddenly, the skeleton was about to attack her, but Rentt came from behind and saved that girl. Rentt was trying to talk to her, but he wasn’t able to talk due to his skeleton evolution. He tried to explain to her that he’s an adventurer, and his name is Rent.

The girl thanked Rentt for saving her. She asked him if she can go back. Rentt said to her, “Please buy me some clothes.” He also gave some money to her. She said, “As a daughter of a knight, I shall repay your debt.” She said she will be back soon. Rentt also said in his mind that she will come back; he trusted her. She was going back on the other side. In the cave, Rentt was still having combats with multiple enemies.

The girl came back to find Rentt. She also got some clothes. Rentt was getting better at talking. The girl was scaring from Rentt. Rentt asked her if he can look at the clothes. He also liked the clothes she got. She also got some first aids for him. Rentt got ready. The girl liked his new look. She also gave him a mask. The girl was saying to him that when she first saw Rentt, she thought Rentt is a monster.

When Rentt wore that mask, the mask got stuck to Rentt’s face. The mask she got Rentt wasn’t able to remove that. She said some kind of curse is related to the mask. But Rentt tried with powers; then also the mask wasn’t getting out of his face.

She said sorry to Rentt for bringing a cursed item to him. Rentt thanked her. The girl was going back; she also took Rentt with her. She was telling about herself to Rentt that she wants to become a fearless strong adventurer.

Rentt wasn’t going inside with her because Rentt said a lot of people know him at that place. Rentt tried to make her understand if she helped him, then she will lose her adventurer license. Then also the girl said she will risk her life for him.

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The guards weren’t giving entry to Rentt. They said to Rentt to remove his mask, but Rina said this is a cursed mask. Guards also tried to remove his mask, but after that, they gave entry to Rentt.

Suddenly, Rentt disappeared, and Rina was finding him. Rentt didn’t tell her anything. Rentt goes back to his home; he was trying to talk to Lorraine. She was sleeping. He wakes her, and she asked Rentt, “What happened to you?”

And the episode 2 ends.

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