Wonderful World Episode 5 Recap and Explained: Disney presents another Korean thriller drama “Wonderful World” in fourteen episodes. “Wonderful World” is a revenge thriller drama. Eun Soo Hyun is a well-known writer and professor who lived very peacefully with her husband and son. In a car accident, her son dies which changes everything in their life.

As the court suspends the killer’s sentence, Eun Soo Hyun drives the car over him and kills him. Later she went to jail for 7 years and came out of prison. Things around her changed when she came back which led to revealing many mysteries around her.

Episode 5 opens with Eun Soo Hyun at the hotel in front of the room Kang Soo Ho entered with the lady. Eun Soo Hyun thinks of opening the door but she doesn’t open it. Eun Soo Hyun leaves the hotel. Cut to Kwon Sun Yool, he is getting chased by some cars. Kwon Sun Yool tells Kim Joon’s secretary to search the number plate. Eun Soo Hyun sends Kang Soo Ho a message saying she knows who he is with now. Kang Soo Ho leaves the hotel to home.

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Eun Soo Hyun comes back home, before entering her home she goto the neighbour lady’s house who is in affair with Kang Soo Ho. Eun Soo Hyun asks if it’s her in the photo. She says yes and asks sorry. Eun Soo Hyun warns her not to talk to her again and to leave the house. Eun Soo Hyun comes to Kang Soo Ho’s house and tells her that she is leaving the house for her mother’s house.

Kim Joon’s secretary found out who followed Kwon Sun Yool, she warned that guy about it and if he continued this she would leak the pics of him from the party. Kang Soo Ho meets an old detective to find out who sent that photo to Eun Soo Hyun. When Kang Soo Ho came to the ABS office, Kim Joon was there. Kang Soo Ho asks him if he sent those photos. Kang Soo Ho warns Kim Joon if he is behind it he will destroy him.

Kang Soo Ho’s mother meets with Eun Soo Hyun. They go shopping and go to eat food. Kang Soo Ho’s mother warns her to keep the relationship happy outside as the current stay of Eun Soo Hyun with her mother makes unwanted gossip about Kang Soo Ho and Eun Soo Hyun’s relationship and it will affect Kang Soo Ho’s reputation.

Eun Soo Hyun comes home and cries. Yuri sees Eun Soo Hyun crying and goes to Kang Soo Ho and shouts at him. Eun Soo Hyun meets Kwon Sun Yool and gives him food. They talk about the pain they had. Later Eun Soo Hyun leaves there.

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Eun Soo Hyun looks at the photo delivered to her mother. Eun Soo Hyun sees a text written on the back of the photo. It has an article name. When Eun Soo Hyun searches the article it’s about an accident of a lady. Eun Soo Hyun contacts the writer of the article. They meet in a coffee shop. The article writer tells Eun Soo Hyun that the lady who got in the accident was the wife of the guy whom Eun Soo Hyun killed by car for killing her son. The lady is in hospital after the accident.

Eun Soo Hyun calls Kang Soo Ho’s brother to check for the room of that lady. Cut to Kwon Sun Yool, he is behind the guy in the photo. He went to the casino. When the police came everyone runs. Kwon Sun Yool helps the wounded guy and goes to the hospital. Kang Soo Ho’s brother calls Eun Soo Hyun about the room that the lady admitted. Eun Soo Hyun comes to visit that lady.

When she enters the room the lady is in bed with an oxygen mask sleeping. Suddenly the door opens and Kwon Sun Yool comes to the room with a coffee handle. Eun Soo Hyun and Kwon Sun Yool see each other and are shocked.

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Overall this episode was another change in the plot. The ending was really unexpected. The ending was an opening ending. Kwon Sun Yool might be the son of that killer of Eun Soo Hyun’s son. Maybe Kwon Sun Yool plotted these. Will see more explanations in the next episodes.



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