The Impossible Heir Episode 5 : The Impossible Heir Episode 5 Recap: Disney plus presents a youth career drama. The plot revolves around an illegitimate son, his girlfriend and a childhood friend who team up with a great ambition of making him the next successor of the wealthiest company in Korea. Things get out of hand when wealthy family members fight against each other to take control of the company from the Chairman. Will the illegitimate son succeed his ambition is the core plot of the show.

The fifth episode opens with Kang Inha having a small party with Han Taeo at his place. They discussed about initiating their next moves to go up the ladder. The next scene happens at the prosecution’s office. The prosecutor who did the search warrant at Kangoh Group is finally made the chairman accept his connections with the Milton deal.

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The lawyer of Kangoh group explained that Chairman Kang Joong Mo accepts all accusations about him. Han Taeo introduced a memory card to the prosecutor while they were discussing. The prosecutor thought Chairman Kang Joong Mo going to bribe him to get away from Milton’s case. The prosecutor didn’t open the folders inside the memory card but Han Taeo kept telling him to open it. When the prosecutor opened the folders, he found out that, it contained so many illegal activities done by him in the past few years.

The prosecutor had no other choice but to accept his failure, later he released Chairman Kang Joong Mo without any charges. Meanwhile, Kang Seongju got pretty desperate to get back what he lost. He went to depression mode and very much messed up. He went straight to Chairman Kang Joong Mo and asked his forgiveness.

But unfortunately, Chairman Kang Joong Mo doesn’t have much respect for him due to his illegal activities behind the chairman. Chairman Kang Joong Mo told him to be quiet from now on and if he caused any more trouble, Kang Seongju wouldn’t even invited to the house. Kang Seongju had some messed up thoughts on his mind while talking with his father, but he couldn’t express anything in front of him. Kang Seongju accepted everything and left the office.

Chairman Kang Joong Mo called Han Taeo to discuss his plans for a new business deal. Kang Inha has been appointed to sort out a negotiation deal for Kangoh tech one company. There’s been a leak from the company years ago which made the situation worse. Chairman Kang Joong Mo puts Kang Inha in charge of closing the new deal. Ko Hee Chan is a wealthy arrogant young man from a rich family interested in buying shares in Kangoh Tech One Company.

Ko Hee Chan was earlier introduced to marry Kang Inha’s sister to become part of the Kangoh family. Kang Inha and Na Hye Won’s relationship went to the next stage after his official entitlement as the son of the Kangoh group chairman.

They shared an engagement ring with each other, and Kang Inha informed Han Taeo about the engagement. During the negotiation deal, Ko Hee Chan shows his rude and arrogant behaviour in front of everyone. Kang Inha was desperate to close the deal for a higher price but Ko Hee Chan kept the price lower. Kang Inha introduced two trustworthy assistants to help him during the negotiation, but Han Taeo felt something was off and told him not to invite them.

Later, during the negotiation, one of the assistants got text messages from Kang Seongju’s manager. Han Taeo told him to leave the company but Kang Inha took him back. Kang Inha used an unexpected trick to win the deal.

Han Taeo knows the consequences of using such indirect and unethical tricks. Han Taeo opposed his idea of going with unethical tricks, but Kang Inha didn’t consider the words of Han Taeo. Kang Inha closed the deal for an increase of thirteen per cent.

Back at the Kangoh office, Chairman Kang Joong Mo slapped Han Taeo on his face. The chairman is angry on Han Taeo for not stopping Kang Inha while doing the unethical play at negotiation. On the same night, Kang Inha is playing basketball ball and Han Taeo joins him. While Kang Inha left him, Han Taeo played it alone at night, he took his phone to call Na Hye won, unexpected a stranger hit Han Taeo with a bat. Na Hye Won saw his call and kept dialling him repeatedly.

Overall the fifth episode ends up very much dark. The story got complex and the darkest sides of Kang Inha started to unveil. The relationship between the three became more tense and messed up, the upcoming episodes will be crucial to know how their relationship goes further after all these. Let’s wait and see the next episodes.

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