‘Iron Reign’ Episode 1 Recap and Explained: Netflix presents an eight-episodic crime thriller show called ‘Iron Reign’. This Spanish show deals with the underworld drug business happening at the Barcelona port. Joaquin Manchado, the head of the drug cartel and criminal organisation, manages all the obstacles to spread the drug business across the globe, on this process, he needs to overcome some unpredictable issues, and this becomes the rest of the story.

The first episode opens at Barcelona port, where the workers get ready for their next shift. Navarro, one of the staff from the port, getting ready to go home after his shift. While changing his dress, he put a cover inside his jacket from his locker room. Outside the port, there’s been continuous rain and Navarro started to walk towards his home.

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Suddenly a car appears in front of him with a bunch of thugs, they interrogate him for leaving earlier. Navarro starts to get tensed and two people come out of the car and grab him inside. They took him to a random place and started beating him hard. Joaquin Manchado, a drug kingpin came to the spot and talked with Navarro.

Joaquin Manchado explained the rules of the drug business, Navarro stole some drugs from Joaquin Manchado’s package and they caught him in red hands. They poured a junk of alcohol into Navarro’s mouth and brutally killed him. The next day morning, Joaquin Manchado went to the Barcelona port once again and then he looked for his son Ricardo.

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He is not that dedicated or disciplined businessman like his father, Joaquin Manchado orders him to stay at the port and make everything right because they are expecting a shipment the next day. Later, Joaquin Manchado met Nestor, the head of customs and told them to meet him at night to discuss their next shipment.

Joaquin Manchado later met his daughter who’s working at the technical room at Barcelona port. She explained that something was wrong with the Crain at the port. Joaquin Manchado tensed about the situation when the shipment arrives, if the craine doesn’t work, it will make the problem worse. He talked with the engineers to find out a solution to overcome the Crain issue.

They explained to him that there’s only one part that can fix the issue, it’s already under the control of another businessman. Joaquin Manchado went to meet the businessman, but he didn’t accept the request from Joaquin Manchado, later he got blackmailed by Joaquin Manchado and in the end, he agreed to give away the parts.

On the same night, Joaquin Manchado and Customs Officer Nestor went to the meeting with the Frenchman. They informed Joaquin Manchado that the cargo would be arriving the next night. The Frenchman later calls Joaquin Manchado for a private discussion and asks about the issues arising from Barcelona port. At the end of the meeting, Joaquin Manchado assures him that everything will be done smoothly.

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Meanwhile, the shipment is on its way through the sea, and suddenly a bunch of sea pirates put a target on the ship. They took their guns and boarded the ship. With the help of guns, the pirates took custody of the ship’s crew members.

The pirates ordered the captain to surrender, and at the same time, they put bullets on some crew members. At the end of the first episode, the pirates try their best to hijack the ship, but the security crew inside the ship somehow overcomes everything and kills the pirates. On the other side, the narcotics department put an eye on the shipment of drugs, they already have a spy among Joaquin Manchado who leaks everything about the shipments.

They joined to put an end to Joaquin Manchado’s kingdom and shipment of tons of drugs to Barcelona port. Meanwhile, on the same night, Joaquin Manchado got an appraisal of people at the party to congratulate top business magnets.

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Overall the episode is a great start. The episode merely showcased the underworld drug Empire of Joaquin Manchado. The next episode will give us more insight into the tactics of Joaquin Manchado in critical situations. The first episode had only less interesting elements.



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