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Iris Maplewood in Taxi Explained – What Happened To Defoe? ‘Bodies’ | Netflix

Iris Maplewood in Taxi Explained – What Happened To Defoe?: Whose body is that which the detectives were solving? When I started watching it, I thought it was happening in a different universe. But they soon explained it is the same universe but in different years. The dead body’s name is Gabriel Defoe.

In the future, Gabriel Defoe, a scientist, created a time machine called The Throat. Elias Mannix used it to time travel to the past, and Gabriel thought he could stop him by following him. So, he thought of time traveling to all those past timelines where Elias starts his plan.

But Iris Maplewood shot Defoe’s eye, which killed him. However, due to him being in the time machine, his dead body travels to different years. The reason why his body travels to different years is that he knows what is going to happen in the past, so he chose all the specific dates and years where he can stop him.

This is not the first time Elias or Defoe did time traveling; they did it a lot, so Elias knows all about it. That’s why he was waiting for him in 1890. Gabriel Defoe is alive in 2023, and he might create a time machine in the future, resulting in a time loop being created again.

Overall, all the main characters in “Bodies” are in an infinite loop. “Bodies” uses the same concept as the film “Predestination,” where the protagonist creates himself from his own body, and he is also the antagonist of the film. No one knows the starting point or how it started. I hope Netflix renews “Bodies” for season 2, but it seems impossible as it is a miniseries.

Bodies Ending Explained

What happened to Iris Maplewood?

Iris Maplewood is one of the main characters of the show. She is a detective constable in Whitechapel, London, in the year 2053. In 2053, London was highly developed in technology and infrastructure. In the show, an atomic nuke blast occurred in 2023, killing millions of humans. But some people survived and started supporting Elias Mannix, who had big plans for the future.

That’s how London became futuristic and very advanced in 2053. Iris and her brother can’t walk due to some injury in their spinal cord (it might have happened due to the blast in 2023), so Iris joins the police force so she can walk. They have devices that help disabled people. However, the government only helps those who come to them and accept their rules and regulations. Iris’s brother doesn’t want to be controlled by anyone, so the government is not helping him.

Iris was very influenced by Elias Mannix’s words and can do anything for him. She then killed Gabriel Defoe. Iris had feelings for Gabriel, so she helps Shahara and makes a plan to stop the loop. She went back to 1890 and told everything to Hillinghead. After that, everything was erased and went back to normal. Iris Maplewood is alive because in 2023, she is still a child, and nothing is going to happen to her. But we see the older (2053 version) Iris Maplewood in 2023.

How is Iris Maplewood in 2023?

It might be a plot hole, as it doesn’t make any sense. Or Iris finds a way. The reason she said to support Elias Mannix was that she can walk. She and her brother have been very weak since childhood. She even asked her brother if his child’s health is okay and not like theirs, which kind of explained that Iris and her brother were disabled from birth. We have to wait for season 2 to understand the ending, which is very confusing.



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