How Maplewood Ended Up in 2023 In Taxi?: The Netflix original series “Bodies” is surely one of the best time travel shows ever released on Netflix. The show is receiving far less attention than it deserves. The screenplay and the story of the show are top-notch, and each episode is simply mind-blowing. The ending of the show may appear simple, but that one last frame in the last episode left us with many unanswered questions.

Now, we are going to answer some of your questions related to the ending of the show. One of the most frequently asked questions that may come to everyone’s mind is how Iris Maplewood ended up in 2023.

Before delving into the ending of the show and the question, let’s have a quick recap of the episode first. In the final episode, we see Maplewood going inside the throat machine, entering three different time spans. The story takes us to 1890, where Hellinghead is arrested for a murder case, confessing in a letter that he is the killer, doing so to save his love partner, Henry. Hellinghead is sent to jail, and we see Maplewood and Hellinghead in the same cell.

Maplewood tries to explain everything to Hellinghead, but initially, he refuses to believe in these time travel talks. A few minutes later, officials arrive to transfer Hellinghead to another jail. Maplewood then informs Hellinghead that they are going to kill him, knowing everything, and warns Hellinghead while advising him to prevent Julian from marrying Hellinghead’s daughter.

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As they are en route to another jail, Hellinghead encounters Julian (Elias) and reveals that he knows everything about him. Hellinghead tells Julian that he is going to die alone, as no one really cares about him. The Morleys were also mistaken about him. After a few minutes, an officer kills Hellinghead. Julian then marries Polly (Hellinghead’s daughter), and one day Polly discovers that Julian is behind her father’s death. However, Julian manages to convince Polly that he is from the future and that they are creating a loop, needing to extend the family, or there will be no future for him. Shortly afterward, Polly gives birth to a child, and the story jumps to 1941.

Here, we see a different Julian, whose thinking has changed after his conversations with Hellinghead. He records another tape for Future Elias, admitting that he was lying all along and doing everything wrong. While he is recording this, Karl Wiseman comes to Julian’s house, and Julian hands over the tape to Wiseman. Julian explains the loop to Wiseman and instructs him to give this tape to Hassan.

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Wiseman then kills Julian and hides the tape in a pub, after which he is also killed. Hassan travels back in time once more, using the throat machine, and finds the recorded tape. She retrieves the tape and goes to Elias’s house in 2023, explaining this to 2050’s Hassan over the phone. She tells Hassan that the bomb is controlled by a phone and that Elias only needs to make a call for the bomb to detonate.

Hassan (2050) instructs Hasan (2023) to put the phone on speaker and informs him that she is from the future, where he has caused destruction and taken lives. She plays the tape she found in the pub, and after listening to his own voice, Elias realizes his mistakes. He refrains from making the call, and the bomb doesn’t explode. A few seconds after the bomb’s timer would have gone off, the loop is broken, and Elias and 2050’s Hassan vanish, as they had been living in 2023.

Everything returns to normal, and Hasan finds herself in her house. She realizes that her son is still alive. The same incidents happen again, but Defos Body does not resurface. There is no Julian (Elias), no Hyedn (Julian’s son), and no Elias in 2023. The loop is completely broken, and every time zone is now normal.

In the last few minutes of the episode, Hassan takes a taxi to Spencer Lane, and we see that Maplewood is the taxi driver. Many of you may wonder how Maplewood ended up in 2023. While the series doesn’t make this entirely clear, we have a theory that fits best with these sequences.

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At the beginning of the series, Maplewood mentions her mother and her health issues. Later on, we discover that her mother died in the past, and there are high chance that she returned to 2023 to save her mother. It is possible that she used the “Throat” again to come back to 2023 and save both her mother and herself from that spinal injury. However, this is just our theory, and the writer may have something else in mind.

This is our theory about “Maplewood in 2023 in Series Bodies.” What do you think about it? Please let us know in the comments. For more such explanations, stay tuned with us.



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