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Why did Elias Mannix Start The Loop? Explained | Bodies | Netflix

Why did Elias Mannix Start The Loop?: Elias Mannix doesn’t exist. Just like you can’t explain which came first, Egg or Chicken, you can’t explain how Elias Mannix was born. My theory is that someone in the future time traveled to the past and did something that resulted in Elias being born.

The show is confusing, so I will explain it as the show explained it. The show is based on the Graphic Novel by Si Spencer, but the show is totally different from the Novel.

Why did Elias Mannix Start The Loop?

The real reason why Mannix started the Loop is to get love. Elias Mannix’s childhood wasn’t very good, his mother left him because she couldn’t handle him. He started dreaming about killing a child, and he was mentally ill.

His childhood was very bad. His 1941 self tells him to click the detonator to leave all this sadness behind and to get love. He didn’t do that. Later he asks Shahara to take him to her mother as he wants to talk to her. Her mom didn’t talk with Elias as she was ashamed. This breaks Elias’s heart, so he activates the bomb with a phone call.

His 1941 self was right, in the future, Elias time travels to 1889 where he finds Polly. Polly is the daughter of DS Hillinghead. Elias really fell in love with Polly and he really cared about her, Polly also loved Elias that’s why she became a part of Elias’s Cult. Big thanks to Stephen Graham who played the old Elias Mannix.

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Elias finds real love in 1890 and he wants to get that love again, he wants the people’s attention around him. He wants to make a cult, he wants to rule the world and thus he asks his 2023 self to activate the bomb to reset everything and to get the love and attention his childhood always wanted. That’s how the loop is infinite.



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