If you are here, it means you have just finished watching the first episode of “Koffee With Karan,” and now you are looking for some answers related to the show. During the first few minutes of the show, you will see that Ranveer Singh said that he had a relationship before Deepika Padukone, and before getting together with her, he had just broken up with another actress. Now, many of you may ask us, who was the actress Ranveer Singh last dated before entering a relationship with Deepika Padukone.

As per various media reports, there were various relationships of Ranveer Singh with his various co-actresses, and one of them was Parineeti Chopra. According to the show, Ranveer and Deepika started dating in 2013, and the last film that Ranveer worked on with Parineeti was “Kill-Dill,” and there are high chance that while shooting “Kill Dill,” Ranveer Singh was dating Parineeti Chopra, and they were both in a relationship.

So, if we go by the timeline, it was Parineeti Chopra who was Ranveer Singh’s last girlfriend before he entered into a relationship with Deepika Padukone. Ranveer also confirmed that they got engaged in 2015, and then they got married in 2018.

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