Bodies” Episode 1 Recap, Story and Timeline Explained: Netflix’s “Bodies” is a crime thriller series based on the DC Vertigo’s graphic novel of the same name. The show is created by Paul Tomalin, who adapted the graphic novel into a series.

The story takes place in different years, so it might get confusing to explain as the show progresses. So, I will explain by years what happened in a specific year, so you don’t get confused about what happened in which year.

In 2023: – Sahara, a Constable, is on duty to prevent riots in a rally. She finds an Asian guy who is hiding behind a dustbin. All of a sudden, a power outage happens in London, which blows the lights and cuts all the power for some minutes. Sahara looks at that Asian guy; the guy takes out his gun from the jacket. Sahara runs towards him to stop him from shooting any civilians.

The guy runs from that place as Sahara runs towards him. The guy then goes to Long Harvest Lane E, where he finds a naked dead body. Sahara also sees that body; she thinks the guy must have done something. She asks him to drop the gun and surrender himself, but he says, “I didn’t do anything” and leaves that place. Sahara closely examines that body and sees he didn’t have an eye. The guy has a tattoo on his wrist that doesn’t mean anything.

Higher officers of Sahara taunt her as she didn’t follow the orders. They don’t have any proof of who killed that guy because the power outage blew all the cameras. So, their main suspect was that Asian guy. They find out the guy’s name; his name is Tahir, and he has some small criminal records. As they perform a post-mortem on that dead body, the doctor says there is no proof of a bullet in the body. As they search the background of Tahir, the police find out about Tahir’s older sister. Tahir’s sister doesn’t talk to the police because of racism towards Asians from the police. So they ask Sahara to talk to her.

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Sahara tells Tahir’s sister to tell Tahir to contact her. The next day, Tahir contacts Sahara and tells her to meet him in the mall. Sahara tells her superiors, and they tell her not to go there without any protection. Tahir tells Sahara she is meant to be there, and he did his job. Tahir pulls out his gun and points it towards Sahara; the special force comes to that mall and points towards Tahir. Sahara beats Tahir to save him from a special force sniper. Tahir laughs at Sahara and kills himself by blowing his head off with his own gun.

Sahara is angry at herself as she can’t save Tahir. They find out about a guy who was with Tahir in that mall from CCTV cameras.

In 1941: – Whiteman works in the UK Police as a detective in 1941. The police officers find out that there is a mole in their department; one of the officers thinks Whiteman is the mole due to his religion. The officer also makes some racist jokes about him because he is Jewish. It turns out Whiteman is a mole who is doing dirty work for someone. He gets a call from a lady asking him to remove a body from Long Harvest Lane E. All of a sudden, a power outage happens there.

At night, Whiteman goes to that place and sees the same dead body as Sahara in 2023. Whiteman puts that body in the trunk; he sees a police officer following him (the same officer who made racist jokes). The officer asks why he is in a hurry, and Whiteman replies that it was due to the bombing. The officer tells him that the jet is going to drop bombs on the factory, so they don’t need to worry about it. The officer takes Whiteman’s car key to check the trunk, and suddenly a bomb drops in that place, killing the police officer, but Whiteman survives.

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He thinks to remove that car, but he sees some pedestrians. He leaves that place, and the next day, he goes to that place again. Higher officers ask Whiteman to take care of this case. They find the body in the trunk. Now Whiteman has to solve this case. Whiteman gets a call from that lady again to stop the case. But Whiteman can’t do anything.

In 1890: – Detective Hillinghead gets news of a dead body in Long Harvest Lane E. Long Harvest Lane E is known as a prostitution area for queer people, so everyone hates that place. Some officers catch a photographer named Henry, who is taking photos of that dead body. Hillinghead tells him to give all the photos to him as proof.

Hillinghead goes to Henry’s house and asks him to give all the photos. Hillinghead asks Henry about what he was doing in that area; Henry replies that he was going to write a story about Long Harvest Lane, so he was there all night taking pictures. Hillinghead asks Henry to show photos and asks him if those photos can provide proof of him being there. Henry says no, as the police arrest the queer people. Henry then tries to kiss Hillinghead, and Hillinghead takes Henry to the police station for trying to kiss an on-duty officer and also for homosexuality.

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Hillinghead sees the photo reflection of a person in Henry’s photo of that dead body. He shows it to the mortuary doctor; the doctor advises him not to follow that guy as it can be really dangerous.

In 2053: – Iris Maplewood is going through the city when she notices a sudden power outage; she finds out about an EMP being used in Long Harvest Lane E. She goes to that place and finds the same body as everyone else. She thinks that the guy is dead, but suddenly the guy wakes up and Episode 1 ends here.



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