How Pyramid Game is Played?: Viu presents a ten-episodic psychology thriller school drama “Pyramid Game”. The series is based on the webcomic “Pyramid Game” by Dalggonyak. Sung Soo Ji is a newly transferred student at Baekyeon Girls High School. Sung Soo Ji gets bullied by other students based on class students voting through an app called “Pyramid Game”.

Baekyeon School had a history of bullying before too. How Sung Soo Ji survived this and teamed up with other girls and did they stop the Pyramid Game from playing is the story of this drama. The story is based on the webcomic “Pyramid Game” by Dalggonyak.

Pyramid Game is not actually a game, rather it’s a voting app for the students in their class. The Pyramid Game app was created by one of the students in their class. The main purpose of the app was to categorise students based on the votes they got and bully the girl who had zero votes. The pyramid consists of groups from A to F. A is the highest group, students with the highest votes come in this group. The students with no votes fall under the F group.

Those who are in the F group can be bullied by higher-ranking students if they get approval from any A group members. Myung Ja Eun was their usual F group member. The higher rank students used to bully her most time. The bullying will be very harsh for them.

Once every month students gather in the class to vote for 4 students. They can vote for anyone who is participating in it. Myung Ja Eun used to avoid voting so she was kept in the F group and used to get bullied every day. After Sung Soo Ji’s arrival at the class, she got into the F group too with zero votes. Girls used to bully her a lot which led her to stop this game forever.

Sung Soo Ji gathered other girls who faced similar issues or were against these bullies. They tried to stop the game thus end this bullying. Sung Soo Ji tried different ways with the help of others and reached a higher rank. Everything that happens in the class is controlled based on their votes from the pyramid game. The mastermind behind Pyramid Game is Baek Ha Rin who is an adopted girl to the Baekyeon family who owns Baekyeon School.

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The Pyramid Game has a rule to not tell or reveal anything about the app than the class students. But Baek Ha Rin explained the details about the app to the parents of the students. Not only explanation, she also made the parents vote using the app. This caused Baek Ha Rin to get suspended from voting. Also, Sung Soo Ji got suspended from voting for the blackmailing accusation she got. Sung Soo Ji formed alliance with other girls and started to stop this game from playing.

In the end, Sung Soo Ji raised a question about does they needed an app like this. And made a speech for the students about stopping this from playing. And if the majority votes for not need for Pyramid Game they can stop this app. And after the majority votes were against playing the pyramid game, the members stopped it for all.

That’s all about “Pyramid Game”. If you have any questions regarding the series, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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