“Pyramid Game” Episode 8 Recap and Explained: Viu presents a Korean drama called ‘Pyramid Game’. The plot revolves around a game conducted by a class of girl students. On a particular day of every month, the students vote for their favourite five people, the lowest votes a person gains will become f group student, according to their game, that f group person can be bullied by every student from the class.

The eighth episode opens with Sung Soo Ji and her classmates playing the shooting game. Everyone gathered at a spot and resumed their shooting game. Baek Ha Rin tried her best to blackmail everyone in Sung Soo Ji’s group to go against each other and breakup. But, one night ago they all agreed to stay together in any critical condition. At the game, Sung Soo Ji, Pyo Ji Ae and Myung Ja Eun shot against each other while laughing and talking about their funny betrayals.

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Baek Ha Rin gives a mad look at them for not breaking up yet. While they were playing with the toy gun, the A group student got irritated and shouted against them.

Baek Ha Rin suddenly recalls an incident from her childhood, when the kids bullied her as part of a game. At present, Kim Da Yun calls Pyo Ji Ae to surrender herself in front of her because she was the last f group student. Kim Da Yun wants to convey a message from Baek Ha Rin to the group of students that she is above everyone. Kim Da Yun starts showing her rage, suddenly Shim Eun Jung interferes with the attack. Kim Da Yun pushed away her and broke her legs.

Later, Kim Da Yun pulled a wall above Shim Eun Jung, when her friends gathered and took away the wall, they saw Shim Eun Jung bleeding and covered in blood. Whole students panicked suddenly including Kim Da Yun. The classroom teacher came to the place and took Shim Eun Jung to the hospital.

The whole got panicked and depressed to see one of their classmate suffering at the hospital. The violence among students exposed to the outside world. The principal and parents start to interfere in the school violence. Im Ye Rim had a mental breakdown after seeing her girlfriend’s future vanish into thin air. The news spread among the parents, Baek Ha Rin’s father got mad at her and told her to stop everything and go away to other countries.

But she had embezzlement proof of her father, she blackmailed her own father with it. Baek Ha Rin’s father reported everything to her mother, and she then talked with her grandmother. The school management bribed and blackmailed the parents of Shim Eun Jung to close the case and stay silent. Shim Eun Jung is an athlete and scholarship student, her parents accepted everything the management told them to do.

Sung Soo Ji and the hacker guy at the convenience store made an app to convey messages and information to the outside world. All the articles and websites were tampered with by the school manager, whatever articles pop up about the incident, the IT wing will eradicate it. So, Sung Soo Ji came up with a new idea to spread the news to other classes. Eventually, everyone starts to hear about the news, and Baek Ha Rin’s no other choice but to transfer Kim Da Yun from the school.

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Baek Ha Rin got angry for dismissing Kim Da Yun from her class without her permission, she argued with her mother and grandmother to stop the transfer, but for the first time, they opposed her wishes. Im Ye Rim finally got her chance to debut on a bigger stage in front of the public, she performed in front of her school.

Meanwhile, Sung Soo Ji and her close friends planned to leave the pyramid game voting ceremony, by doing that the game wouldn’t be started without majority members. That’s the only way they found to stop the game forever. Baek Ha Rin blackmailed Myung Ja Eun to leave the friendship of Sung Soo Ji, if Myung Ja Eun didn’t obey Baek Ha Rin’s order, she would keep hurting Sung Soo Ji for the rest of her life.

Myung Ja Eun is a very loyal person and cares for her friends, so she accepts Baek Ha Rin’s order and stays away from Sung Soo Ji and her other friends. At the end of the eighth episode, a few students including Sung Soo Ji didn’t attend the game voting. Im Ye Rim suddenly fell down and was taken to hospital. Sung Soo Ji entered the class in anger, choked Baek Ha Rin’s neck and said she was the reason for everything.

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Overall the eighth episode showcased many unexpected incidents. The school violence and games reached an extreme level. The thrilling parts started to become low and traumatic moments took over the show. Many characters have nothing much to do in the current episodes. Let’s see how they completely destroy the game.



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