How Na A Jeong and Lee Ji Han Became Lovers?: Amazon Prime presents twelve episodic Korean romantic comedy series “Wedding Impossible” with about one hour of runtime per episode. Lee Do Han and Lee Ji Han are the grandsons of the chairman of the LJ group. Na A Jeong is from a middle-class family who is trying to reach her dream of becoming a great actress.

Lee Do Han’s grandfather decides on his next successor Do-han. But in order to make him successor he needed to marry Chae Won from Taeyang Group. But as Lee Do Han has a relationship with a guy, he declines to marry Chae Won. To escape from their grandfather Lee Do Han tells a lie that he is in a relationship with Na A Jeong who is his best friend. How things change when Lee Ji Han comes to this relationship is the main plot of this drama.

Na A Jeong and Lee Do Han were friends for almost 15 years. Na A Jeong didn’t tell her about real career issues to Lee Do Han, also Lee Do Han didn’t tell her about him being heir to the LJ group to her too. LJ group chairman and Lee Do Han’s grandfather asked Lee Do Han to marry Chae Won and then he will make Lee Do Han the next successor of the LJ group. But Lee Do Han doesn’t like being part of all this and he is homosexual so can’t marry her.

So in order to avoid all these Lee Do Han asked Na A Jeong to help him by marrying on a contract basis so that he can escape from this. After much convincing by Lee Do Han, Na A Jeong said okay to the marriage thus they introduced them to his grandfather and her family.

Lee Ji Han is the brother of Lee Do Han. Lee Ji Han had a dream of making Lee Do Han the successor of LJ group. For that, Lee Do Han marries a girl from a big conglomerate family. But Na A Jeong is from a middle-class family and Lee Ji Han thought she was using Lee Do Han for her money needs. Thus Lee Ji Han had hate on Na A Jeong from the start. They used to fight over this marriage decision. Lee Ji Han put a plan to make Na A Jeong fall for him so that the marriage will be cancelled thus his dream will happen.

Lee Ji Han tried many ways to make her say no to the marriage, but she never told it. One day out of good intentions Lee Ji Han asked Chae Won to get Na A Jeong a good role for a TV show. Thus Na A Jeong got an offer as lead actress. But as Na A Jeong got to know it she got angry at Lee Ji Han and said yes to the marriage with Lee Do Han.

After being friendly with Na A Jeong, Lee Ji Han started getting real affection towards Na A Jeong. The same goes for Na A Jeong. Both started getting love and affection towards each other. But they didn’t show up at first, even though they didn’t tell each other, they had that love in their eyes. Both were enemies, but at a certain point, those enemies started getting in love with each other.

They started dating even though everyone knew about Na A Jeong’s and Lee Do Han’s marriage. They continued their romance, but one day the reporter caught them kissing took a picture of it and spread it online. Everyone got to know about their relationship and affected them badly. But even though everyone spread hate against them they didn’t break up and went on strongly.

That’s all about this topic from “Wedding Impossible”. If you have any questions regarding the series, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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