How Parasites Are A Threat To Humans ?: Netflix released their next science fiction Korean drama “Parasyte: The Grey” based on a manga series “Kiseiju” by Hitoshi Iwaaki in six episodes from the creator of the popular film “Train to Busan”. As parasites came to earth they started entering human brains and taking control over them.

They started to make a group to kill humans and make them dominate there. But things get messy when a special team “Team Grey” is formed in order to kill these hosts. How the team and other people related to this try and stop these hosts from spreading and killing more people is the plot of this drama.

The first reported incident of parasite existence was the mass killing at the EDM festival. The parasite entered a guy’s ears and took over his brain control. Later he went out and changed his face to a creature and started killing everyone there. The creature had a lot of long hand-like structures attached to the face. It can pierce into people or things. At first, the parasite was in the larval state then it spread all over Korea and some parts of the world.

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There is no information about from where these parasites came but it was sure that they are spreading very fast. The parasites can enter the human brain through the ear, nose, and mouth. After they enter the body they feed off it. They take full control of the brain for their needs. If the parasitic organism takes control and finishes the mutation, the person will be controlled to devour humans and make the parasite sustain their life.

One day a strange customer made a scene at the supermarket with Jeong Su In. After Jeong Su’s work when she went to her house, this guy followed her and hit her scotty. As he came out he stabbed Jeong Su In on her back many times. Jeong Su In got unconscious and fell on the field. A parasite entered her brain and healed her all wounds.

Also, that parasite took over her brain for some time and killed that guy. Later when the other hosts who call each other kin met her she was not behaving like the other hosts. Jeong Su In’s body transformed when other hosts tried to test her by hitting them with their creature form. The parasite inside Jeong Su In is called as “Heidi”. Heidi is very different from other hosts.

When Heidi entered Jeong Su In’s brain as Jeong Su In was wounded and unconscious, it couldn’t take control of the brain. Instead, Heidi coexisted with Jeong Su In the brain. Heidi protects Jeong Su In’s from threats against her. Heidi can only take control over Jeong Su In’s brain if she gets any life threats and that can only last up to 15 minutes a day.

Usually, all other parasites take over the body fully but Jeong Su In and Heidi coexist on the same body thus they survive. Also, Heidi doesn’t kill anyone for a living, it only acts when it’s a threat to the body as it will kill it too.

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That’s all about this topic from “Parasyte: The Grey”. If you have any questions regarding the series, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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