Flex x Cop Episode 9 And 10 Release Date : Disney presents a detective action crime thriller Korean drama called ‘Flex x cop ‘with sixteen episodes. The story revolves around Isoo, a young and charming rich guy who’s currently working as a detective on a crime investigation unit. The show’s main base is investigation and each episode mostly starts with a new murder case. The show is packed with fun and investigative elements.

Flex x Cop is an investigation Korean drama with an hour-long duration for each episode. As of now, a total of eight episodes have been released by Disney. The last episode ended with capturing the real culprit of two murders.

Seonu and Sang-gu died at two different places which is organised by Dr.Seo. Seonu is a software company owner who was treated at Dr.Seo’s hospital, meanwhile Sang-gu is an employee of the hospital. Sang-gu stole the hidden camera footage from the hospital where VIP patients spend their private time.

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Dr.Seo gave Somany hypnosis therapy for her patients. Sang-gu blackmailed Isoo’s ex-girlfriend Euna for money. She gave two billion won money after blackmail. She had problems at the hospital after the blackmail. Dr.Seo called Sang-gu and told him to stop blackmailing her patients. She offered him money to stop blackmailing, and later she met him at his apartment.

She took her favourite surgical knife and cut his throat. Later, she hypnotized Seonu, he stopped drinking water after her orders and died alone inside the room. The last episode ended up with Dr.Seo in jail, she talked with Isoo about his weird dreams.

The next episode will reveal more about the death of Isoo’s mother. When Isoo was young, he thought she died because of an accident, but the actual truth was she suicided in her bathtub. The upcoming episodes will showcase Isoo knowing the truth about her mother’s death. His father ordered Dr.Seo to replace Isoo’s traumatic memories with better memories. Kang Hyun will investigate Isoo’s mother unofficially. Isoo’s father’s mayoral election is nearing and Isoo helped a lot to boost his public image.

Flex x cop‘ season one, episodes 9th and 10th scheduled to be released this week. The drama premiered its first episode on January 26, 2024, through Disney all over the world. The show has sixteen episodes with nearly seventy Minutes of duration. Disney will release the 9th episode on March 1st and the 10th episode will be released on March 2nd. They planned to release to two episodes per week untill the finale.

‘Flex x cop’ all eight episodes streaming through Disney in Korean audio with English subtitles.



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