Flex X Cop Episode 10: Disney presents an action investigation thriller show called Flex x cop. The story is about a rich young man who got appointed as a detective on a crime investigation unit due to an unexpected scenario. He had a hard time mingling with the normal people, but he still continues to become a loyal cop for the nation and at the same tries to make his father win the mayoral election.

The tenth episode opens with the interrogation of veteran actress Sang Hee. She is being interrogated by Isoo and Kang Hyun. Her makeup artist said that Sang Hee slapped Han Yu Ra in front of her. Sang hee starts explaining why she slapped Han Yu Ra. On the day of Han Yu Ra’s death, she requests Sang hee to slap her on the face before the actual shoot happens, she is an emerging young actress and she doesn’t have much experience on the field, so she requests a trial before the real shoot.

Sang-hee accepted her request and slapped her on the face in front of the makeup artist. The forensic department confirmed DNA samples of Sang Hee under the nails of Han Yu Ra. After slapping Han Yu Ra’s face, Sang-hee applied a rash cream on her body, but Han Yu Ra insisted on helping her and because of that Sang-hee’s DNA was found on Han Yu ra body.

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Kang Hyun was pretty disappointed when she found out that Sang Hee was not the real killer. While they are leaving her house, Sang Hee asks about the stalker, who has been regularly stalking Han Yu Ra for a long time. Isoo and Kang Hyun go back to the police station and start discussing about the next suspect. They enquired about Han Yu Ra’s manager about the stalker.

Han Yu Ra uploaded a private video on her cloud before her death, but cops couldn’t find it anywhere on the phone. Isoo and Kang Hyun thought the video would be related to Namsun. They started following Namsun for some time, same time they requested the cloud network management to recover the visuals from Han Yu ra’s cloud. The Cloud network staff is a big fan of Han Yu ra and she wants to help the cops to reveal the true killer.

Meanwhile, the cops were looking at the surveillance footage from Han Yu Ra’s apartment entrance before their death. Most of the time only the manager entered her apartment. The cloud network team sent a mail of deleted footages titles. Isoo and Kang Hyun found out that it’s from the hidden camera placed by Han Yu ra in her room. The cops went to Han Yu Ra’s apartment once again and searched for the storage card. They couldn’t find anything from her apartment, and later Isoo and Kang Hyun searched Han Yu Ra’s manager’s apartment.

There is a dozen of photos and materials with reference of Han Yu ra in his apartment. Kang Hyun saw a memory card at his apartment and looked at it. They found out that the actual stalker was none other than her manager. He is a creep and pervert who’s obsessed with Han Yu ra. On the night of the murder, Han Yu ra saw the videos of his creepiness inside her room, her manager got triggered after she asked about it. He took the scissors the stabbed her to death, later took the weapon and spilled the blood on Young Hwan. Isoo and Kang Hyun don’t have solid proof to lock her manager in prison. Isoo talked in his media agency to continue the shooting without any issues.

The shooting got restarted at the same hotel, and every cast and crew gathered at the spot. Isoo came upfront and talked a few words about Han Yu ra, later the Shaman lady started showing her rituals. Suddenly, a woman with red dress appears in front of the audience, the manager gets emotional after seeing her from behind. He starts talking about her love and affection towards her, he also adds that he killed her. The woman in the red dress was portrayed by Kang Hyun. Later the cops took him to the prison.

Isoo met his friend Young Hwan and took him to the narcotics department. The funeral ceremony of Han Yu ra is happening, so many youngsters did their prayers for her. At the spot, Sang hee found out that Namsun is also a stalker, so she slapped on his face in front of the media. In the end of the episode, Kang Hyun gets a call from a community centre manager, later some thugs follow him and murder him.

Overall the tenth episode was very thrilling. The case investigation was engaging and interesting. Isoo and Kang Hyun’s combo got a lot better in this episode. Let’s see how it goes on upcoming episodes.



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