“Shogun” Episode 3 Recap: FX Original’s newly released series is a ten-episodic American historical action war drama series ” Shogun” is currently streaming now On Hulu & Disney+ Hotstar. In this article, we are going to discuss about the recap of the third episode. But before we start began let’s know about the story of this series. The series is an adaptation of a best-selling novel ” Shogun” written by James Clavell in 1975. The series shows Japan in the era of 1600 when the Civil War emerged. Lord Toranaga trying to fight against the Council of Regents who want to defeat him.

So, previously we see a lot of things happen in Shogun. Blackthorne is now staying with Toranaga but he got attacked also. Toranaga knows who is behind this attack. Let’s see what’s actually cooking right now!

Yabushige wrote a will which he does regularly. Later he went to meet with Toranaga. Toranaga asks his opinion about ” The society of The Amida”. It looks like ” Amida Society” is behind this attack. Yabushige knows that they are assassins sworn by the most sacred oaths of the Buddha Amida. Yabushige also understood that they were doubting him too.

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Looking at the situation he said that Ishido offered him a seat on the council in which Toranaga sits. Yabushige added that he wasn’t interested that’s why turned down the offer. But when Toranaga ask him what he wants he replies ” The Suruga Province” to expand his fief. Toranaga gives him a green signal if he agrees to escort Blackthorne & Lady Kiri to his fishing village in Ajiro. If he does that he will get Suruga to rule. It’s hard to understand the inner planning of Yabushige as we can’t trust him blindly.
Let’s see what will gonna happen next.

Later we see a conversation between Alvito & one Portuguese guy. Alvito informed him that Toranaga refused to leave their black ship from Korea. He also mentioned that Toranaga invited them to provide a report on their rates of exchange. The sailor guy became angry after hearing this but Alvito said he couldn’t do anything unless or until get clearance from Tauranga. The guy said that he was sitting on one million ducats that had to get to Macao. The sailor guy doesn’t work for the church instead he works for the crown so he wants to sail the black ship tonight only. As tonight’s wind is good he wants to leave.

Blackthorne was taken care of by the doctor & he asked Lady Mariko about the assassin. Mariko said that she belongs to a very dangerous sect, who also served as a maid Inside the palace for a long time. Blackthorne understood that this type of Assassin is very hard to get. While he was checking to the doctor he got hurt so the doctor thought that he needed a woman to pillow him. Later Buntaro, husband of Mariko attend there to watch Blackthorne. Buntaro said that they are leaving Osaka very soon & Blackthorne will also join them. Mariko asked him where they were heading now. Buntaro said they were going to Ajiro with members of Toranaga’s clan.

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Later we see a big group of armies join to take Toranaga, Blackthorne, Mariko & Kiri to Ajiro. Blackthorne will walk beside the litter & will remain in front of their eyeside as per Yabushige’s rule. We see Mariko’s song getting emotional as his mother is leaving. Kiri also joined them. As there ready to leave Lord Ishido reached there because he Heard that Blackthorne was leaving Osaka. But he instructed Kiri not to leave Osaka. Later we see Shizu one of the mid started screaming & Toranaga secretly went Inside the coffin & took her position.

Soon, the crew left. Mariko said that Lord Toranaga is famous for his trickery when he was six years old his father traded him to a rival Busho. As a hostage, he learnt one truth enemies are everywhere & friends nowhere. If anyone knows about Lord Toranaga he will be killed along with others. Soon the gate guards are again joined to recheck. The guards are watching the lady’s compartments so it could be dangerous. Blackthorne joined with the idea as he protested that nobody should check Women’s compartments. He did everything to distract those guards but soon one army said that they were clean.

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Later they started walking on their journey. Things are going as per their plan. Blackthorne talks about his country. They just becoming more close. Mariko said about her husband Toda Hirokatsu known as Buntaro, he is a strong & admired warrior. Blackthorne said that he has one boy named Tudor & one daughter named Lisbeth. Their conversation soon ended when Kiyama & his catholic armies started firing arrows at their army in the forest. Toranaga comes in front of Everyone as he understands that this attack is to Target Blackthorne. They all knew we were dying & later we understood that Ishido’s men also started attacking. As Toranaga comes out everyone is ready to kill him then Lady Mariko comes in & shows her great power along with Blackthorne.

A great fight scene in between the woods. The makers are very well organised. In the end, Buntaro takes charge & asks Everyone to leave. Blackthorne & Mariko went into a village after this fight. Blackthorne said that he knew them & soon Toranaga joined there. They saw the Portuguese Black Ship the trading vessel. They are ready to go there. We see an unbelievable silence when they are crossing the river to reach the black ship, so the armies find out that Toranaga is leaving. All the main are coming to capture Toranaga but Buntaro stops them hard. Blackthorne tries to stop their boat so that Buntaro reach there but Buntaro gives his life as a brave warrior.

We saw his teary sacrifice for his king but Lady Mariko remained silent. Buntaro fights alone with the soldiers proving how brave he is. Later they reached into the ship. Blackthorne saw more Catholic warriors behind their shop. Ishido joined & saw how Toranaga leaving there he also understood that Yabushige betrayed them too. Blackthorne understood that these little boats were ready to hunt them down so the only way to survive is to go to the Black ship.

Blackthorne started to bargain with them in the boat there where Alvito was too. Toranaga started to deal with them & Alvito is there to translate his words. Toranaga said if their black ship gives protection to his galley he will soon give them permission to leave Osaka harbour. The captain didn’t want to negotiate as the price went up. Toranaga understands what will make this negotiation interesting. He offered them that when the Black ship left Macao it would carry ten thousand tael silver coins for him to invest in the silk trade.

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He also offered Alvito that he would construct a Christian Church in Edo city in the exchange of evacuation of Lords Kiyama & Ohno who were recently with lord Ishido. He ordered Alvito to bring them to his side. After Father disagrees with this offer Toranaga is ready to leave there immediately but the captain stops him. He asks Toranaga to leave Blackthorne. Alvido tells Toranaga that Blackthorne isn’t a good man after all then he handover that diary of Blackthorne.

We didn’t see the reply of Toranaga. But later a catholic man reached to take all the lords & ladies onto the Portuguese ship. But he refused to take guns & Blackthorne with him. So, the Black ship agreed to leave them in exchange they want to staying in Blackthorne. Blackthorne understands how selfish Toranaga is but he accepts his fate. But the guy is really stubborn as he doesn’t want to die with that boatman. He also ordered his sailors to stay close to the Black ship. In his ship, there are also some Japanese soldiers so they follow the order of Blackthorne. We found Rodrigues which is also started to compete with him.

Meanwhile, all the boatsmen of lord Ishido are staying in front of them.

What gonna happen next? Let’s find out All the boat men are turned down by the big Black ship but how does Blackthorne stay away from the rocky seashore? He is so persistent & brave that sticks with his decision & passes through the rocks. It’s actually Rodrigues who moved a little bit angle so that Blackthorne could pass through. Blackstone is happy too much while Rodrigues silently says ” debts are repaid”. Later Toranaga asks Lady Mariko to thank the captain. That’s how they leave from there & go to the vast ocean towards to their destination.

Lord Ishido feeling disrespected after loosing in the last night. He agreed to the execution of The barbarian yet Toranaga stole him from his Custody. Soon a guard gave them a message from Lord Hiromatsu. He said that Lord Toranaga regrets that for personal reasons he has decided to resign from the council. Ishido said he will gonna impeach Toranaga to none. But Hiromatsu said, “The Taiko required five regents for any vote”. And now he have only four Regents because Lord Toranaga resigned. A perfect surprise plan from Lord Toranaga makes Ishido speechless.

On the other side, Toranaga heading towards Edo cause he has a business. He ordered his son to remain in Ajiro & help Yabushige to train a new regiment. The young boy knows that Yabushige isn’t a trustworthy guy but he follows his father’s order. Lady Mariko said Blackthorne to return England to reunite with his family. Blackthorne said he never met his daughter as he left England before she was born. It’s been One year, eleven Months & six days from Amsterdam. His daughter is now two years old. He is in love with the sea & fair wind. He not gonna follow any lord & just to focus on Today. He also gives his sympathy about Mariko’s loss. Later Toranaga thanks Blackthorne for his bravery. He also handed over that diary which he got from those catholic people. But he ordered that he gonna translate it.

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But now, he wants to focus on war & also invited Blackthorne to train a regiment in foreign tactics using the weapons from the ship. Blackthorne isn’t familiar with these as he is only a sailor. He just wants his man & ship and then wants to return to his country. From now on, Toranaga needs him & he will be his vassal. So, instead of calling him ” Barbarian” he gives him a name which is “Hatamoto”. Which is actually a very great honour. Later he shows Toranaga how to swim. Toranaga is satisfied with his swimming skills. later they did a race towards the shore which shows the friendship between Toranaga & Blackthorne.

The whole episode is so powerful. It’s satisfying to see this web series. The makers have done a great job. Politics, war, Dram thriller this is how it’s ended. Now, let’s wait for the next episode. Three episodes of ” Shogun” are currently streaming now on Hulu & Disney plus Hotstar with English language along with subtitles.



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