Expats Episode 6 Release Date & Time: Prime Video presents a six-episodic American Drama series “Expats” is currently streaming now in Platform with multiple languages along with subtitles. Three episodes of this series is currently streaming now in Amazon Prime Video, the rest will come every week.

In this article, we are going to discuss when the last or Final episode will come. Before starting the Discussion let’s have a quick overview of the story of this series. This is a story about a Mother who lost her own child. After that, the life of a few people became changed because of this incident.

The main story of Expats is started around a little boy named Gus. After Gus went missing we saw the changes between many life. The creators are beautifully created the dynamics between the lower-class people & Upper-class people. In this episode we saw the life of two maid Essie & Puri. Puri is young & belive her master is brave ( mentioning Hilary), on the other side, Essie still unable to recover from losing Gus.

Till the end we realized how much Essie became close to Margaret’s family. As we see Margaret requested her to come in America with them. Meanwhile, Puri spends a good day with Hilary but next day she understands that she is just a maid.

The rain started from the start of this episode, we saw how the rain brings two people together & ends some toxic relationship. Pastor comes to talk with Clarke but is unable to go because of rain. He spends a good time with Margaret & Clark but their peaceful talk ends when the subject changes towards to Gus’s missing. Margaret finally realized that thinking about Gus is become too painful so she should move on. She comes into the conclusion that they should left for America.

Hilary have ended her relationship with David. We know that David loves Mercy & this isn’t a secret anymore. Puri said David’s affair with Mercy to Hilary. David also left his house to met with Mercy but she didn’t reach to met him. Because Mercy spends a good time with Charly. As we see, Charly is kissed her & shows love towards her. But, Mercy is still regretting what happened with Gus.

After the Rain stops, normal life starts to began. Persons who come close together they are also moved on in their life. That how we understand the life of Hongkong’s people. Now, we have to see will Margaret really move on? Or it’s just a fake? We will get this answer in the next or Final episode.

So, the sixth episode of ” Expats” will come next Friday which is on 23rd February. All eyes will be focused on the next episode. The makers must have concluded the story of Gus , as they didn’t show his death or missing scene.

So, the Six or final episode will be released on 23rd February in 7:30 AM. Before this, you read the recaps of previous episodes. however, five episodes of ” Expats ” is currently streaming now in Prime Video in Hindi & English language along with subtitles.


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