Eva In ‘Swarm’ Amazon Prime | Who Plays ? Actress Name | Character Explained

Eva In ‘Swarm’ Amazon Prime: SWARM, a new Horror Psychological Thriller Series has aired on Amazon Prime and has been created by Donald Glover and Janine Nabers. Following a young woman with a troubled past whose obsession with a pop star leads to a chain of dark events with her becoming a serial killer and killing people.

After Dre kills Khalid who she blames for the death of Marissa, her best friend from childhood and roommate, she goes on to kill different people who badmouth Ni’Jah, her favorite Pop Star who she is obsessed with.

However, she meets different people as she moves from one place to another and what’s interesting is she meets a character played by Billie Eilish in one of the Episodes. If you’re interested in what character Billie play in the series and what happens to her, you’re at the right place.

What Character Does Billie Eilish Play In SWARM?

Billie Eilish makes her appearance in Episode 4 and stays until Episode 5. She plays Eva who is the leader of a woman empowerment cult who is staying in Bonaroo where also Dre had reached to attend the Music Festival where Ni’Jah was going to perform.

Dre is met by Cricket who invites Dre to their place where she meets Eva who is running the whole place. Eva is a nice person who welcomes Dre with open arms and also invites her to the free counseling where they talk and Dre finds out that Eva knows everything about her, even regarding the people she killed and her real identity.

However, Dre feels comfortable there until she finds out that Eva told everything about her to the rest of the people and also took her phone without her knowledge. On top of that, she was in Bonaroo for the Music Festival and Eva had kept her without any intention of letting her go. Even when Dre tried to leave, she threatens Dre to not leave otherwise whatever she knows about her will get public.

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Eva is run over by Dre with her car repeatedly killing her following up with killing other ladies of the cult.


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