Another day and another crime thriller film from Lifetime, The movie titled ‘House Of Deadly Lies’ is now available to watch on the Platform, The film is around 90 Minutes long, I just finished the film, and here goes the review of the film.

The film revolves around three people named Mike, Joslyn, and Paige, Mike and Paige are Husband and Wife and they are having a Kid name Tammer, Another woman Joslyn who is also a friend of Paige is also living with her, Mike doesn’t want to see her and he wants her out of the house, In all between these, The Paige, notices some strange change in the behavior of Mike and when she starts investigating, She came to know about some shocking truths, How she is going to get rid of it, To know this You have to watch the full movie on Lifetime.

The film stars Katy Breier, and Jon McLaren in the lead roles Leah McKenney, Katy Brier as Paige was good enough to watch and she played her role beautifully, Leah McKenney as Joslyn was also good and she looks brilliant in the emotional sequences, Jon McLaren as Mike was amazing and he is the biggest highlight of the film, From start to end, he is the star in the film with his performance.

The story of the film is very much predictable and there is nothing like thrill in the film, The ending of the film is also below average and the film is just another Drama film from lifetime original, The locations were good, The music was decent and the film is average in another department.

I am going wth 2 out of 5 stars for the film, The film is Just an average drama and i will suggest you to skip the film, There are many other better thriller streaming on Otts, that you may checkout.



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