How Did Marissa Jackson Die In Swarm?: SWARM, a new Horror Psychological Thriller Series has aired on Amazon Prime and has created by Donald Glover and Janine Nabers. Following a young woman with a troubled past whose obsession with a pop star leads to a chain of dark events for her.

It is notable that all of this started with the death of Marissa, Dre’s best friend from her childhood and also, her current roommate. If you’re interested in the incident that left her in turmoil and spiral, you’re at the right place.

How Did Marissa Jackson Die In SWARM?

Marissa Jackson is the daughter of the Jacksons that took in Dre as a foster child as they wanted to have another child that is a similar age to Marissa. Marissa was fairly popular in school as she had a charming and loveable personality and was part of the cheerleading squad. Dre on the other hand was not welcomed by everyone as she was silent and didn’t much talk to anyone other than Marissa.

Marissa was the only person who came to Dre’s rescue, shielding her from all the bullies. Marissa and Dre started living together when Marissa moved out to start her career in make-up and hairstyling. Both of them were hardcore fans of Ni’Jah who loved her above any other artist out there.

Marissa had a boyfriend named Khalid who usually teased and bullied Dre because of her odd behavior. This one time when Khalid and Marissa were having sex and Dre looks through the open door, Khalid finds her looking at them and keeps going looking straight at Dre. Marissa wanted to be a make-up artist and had taken a new job for a night where she had to go do make-up for someone but it meant that she would have to be absent from her current one at the mall where she worked with Dre.

She asks Dre to manage this one night without her but the store ends up getting robbed when Dre was talking to Khalid who had come to meet Dre. During their time, Khalid approaches her to have sex with him. After the store has been robbed, Dre calls Marissa telling her about the robber, and asks her to pick her up.

Marissa comes there but is met by her boss who feels betrayed by Marissa taking other jobs without telling her. With the pressure of leaving the current gig and potentially being fired from her current job, Marissa starts to take off for the night to spend with Khalid but Dre stops Marissa telling her about how Khalid approached her to have sex with him. Marissa does not believe her and leaves forcefully shouting at Dre to not follow her.

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That night, Dre changes herself into a new avatar after she watches Ni’Jah’s new song and dresses up to go out to the club which ends up with her spending the night with someone. In the morning, she looks at her phone and finds texts from Marissa to come get her and she rushes to the house where she finds Marissa dead.

Marissa had sent her texts about how Khalid had cheated on her and she wanted Dre to come to get her but Dre did not respond to any of the texts. In a moment of weakness, she kills herself.



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