Andrea Greene ‘Dre’ Is Based On Real Person? : What Happens To Dre? Dead Or Alive? | Swarm

Andrea Greene Real Person? : SWARM, a new Horror Psychological Thriller Series has aired on Amazon Prime which has been created by Donald Glover and Janine Nabers. Following a young woman with a troubled past whose obsession with a pop star leads to a chain of dark events for her and how it all feels all too real is what the series is about.

Starring Dominique Fishback, the series has 7 Episodes of around 35 minutes per Episode. If you’re interested in what happens to Dre in the end, you’re at the right place.

What Happens To Dre??

Dre, short for Andrea Greene played by Dominique Fishback was an orphan and taken in by the Jacksons where she meets her best friend Marissa with whom Dre shares a room and a very strong bond with their common love/obsession for Ni’Jah, the Pop-Star whom they consider to be the queen. It is the death of Marissa due to which Dre takes a dark turn and turns her into a serial killer killing people who specifically hate Ni’Jah and were badmouthing Marissa after her death.

It is how Dre went to lengths when she couldn’t protect Marissa as a coping mechanism and for Ni’Jah the obsession with her that she keeps killing people who do not like Ni’Jah.

After killing quite a lot of people in the series, Dre in the end finds herself in a relationship with Rashida which ends in Dre strangulating Rashida until death after Dre buys Ni’Jah tickets for Rashida as an anniversary gift which Rashida backfires by badmouthing Ni’Jah. However, Dre finds herself in a Ni’Jah concert where she goes on the stage and as the authority takes her back off the stage, Ni’Jah comes to her and gives her the mic asking her to sing. When she does, she says “Love You All” to the audience to which the audience responds with applause and that makes Dre smile.

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In the end, we see Dre with Ni’Jah as she takes Dre with her protecting her into her car where she hugs Dre as Dre cries and says “Thank You”.

SWARM is currently streaming on Amazon Prime in Multiple Languages.


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