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Does ‘Swarm’ Have A Good Or Bad Ending? | Prime Video

Does ‘Swarm’ Have A Good Or Bad Ending?: SWARM, a new Horror Psychological Thriller Series has aired on Amazon Prime and has been created by Donald Glover and Janine Nabers. Following a young woman with a troubled past whose obsession with a pop star leads to a chain of dark events with her becoming a serial killer and killing people.

The show starts with a relationship between two friends and then sends Dre through a downward spiral after Marissa dies but what happens, in the end, is a bit cryptic to understand. If you also have questions regarding that, you’re at the right place.

Does SWARM Have a Good Ending Or Bad?

In short, SWARM has a beautifully written ending and all of the credit goes to the writer Janine Nabers for that. If we closely look at the story of Dre right from her childhood when she was taken in by the Jacksons as a foster child. She had a horrible time at school where she tried so hard to fit in but wasn’t accepted by anyone. It was Marissa who was protecting her from all the bullies at school.

It can be seen in the school talent show where Dre seemed to be singing and dancing but was booed by everyone who mocked her after her performance. For someone who came from no family into a foster home, all Dre wanted was to be accepted for who she is and Marissa did that to her. But after she dies, Dre’s life spirals down where she just has one thing that she counts on and that is Ni’Jah where she continuously tries to meet her by going to events where she would be present.

In one scenario, that doesn’t end well for her when she gets so mesmerized by the very presence of Ni’Jah that she ends up biting Ni’Jah on the face unwillingly. However, at the end of the last episode, she goes on stage at one of Ni’Jah’s concerts and before she could get thrown out by the security, Ni’Jah intervenes and gives Dre the mic and asks her to sing for the people.

After Dre says “Love You All”, the crowd responds with applause which makes Dre smile and after the concert ends, Dre goes with Ni’Jah as she shields her from the media, and takes her into the car where she keeps her held close.

For someone who throughout her life wanted acceptance from people, isn’t it beautiful that she got accepted for who she is by the very star she worships? That’s a pretty wholesome ending in our opinion.



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